Proscenium Black Diamond V


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The Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable – now available with

new oil-free air supply.


This is the most accurate, realistic-sounding turntable ever made.  The sound is amazing with the blackest of black backgrounds, transparency is crystal-clear, dynamics are explosive, soundstaging is expansive and the bass is profound. Many considered the previous PBD turntable to be the best turntable in the world, but this is a quantum leap forward in LP playback.

The Proscenium Black Diamond V (PBD V) features improvements to the air supply, record clamp and motor base assembly… and our newest discovery!  A specially-treated, fine-grained crystalline material, that reduces static build-up and cancels the effect of virtually all EMI, RFI and microwaves, is employed at strategic locations in the turntable’s operation.

The PBD V turntable is friction-free due to the air-bearing arm and platter, resonance-free due to its adjustable air suspension, electrical-noise-free due to the PBD V upgrades and the linear-tracking arm plays records exactly the way they’re made, eliminating tracking errors.


It is our goal to extract every detail, every nuance of the music from the LP and reproduce it with realism and clarity that captures the passion of the performance.  Nothing can do that like a well-recorded LP and no turntable can do it better than this one. Analog playback is still superior to every other technology, and with this turntable must be experienced to be believed.    Music lovers owe it to themselves to hear the PBD V.

If you are interested in playing LPs, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment to hear the new Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable.  If you already have a Proscenium Black Diamond turntable, contact us to find out how to upgrade your turntable to the Black Diamond V specs.



Air-bearing Platter huge 10 inches in diameter with 3 air jets, hand lapped.

Platter and Record Clamp The platter is machined from the most resonance-free material known. It is machined slightly smaller in diameter than a LP sothat the thicker outer lead-in grooves of the LP over hang and this allows the LP to lay flat. The label area is machined out wider and deeper than most platters.

The LP is held slightly above the platter at the spindle so when the record clamp is tightened, the record is forced flat to the platter. We have found this to sound far better than vacuum hold down. Vacuum pumps are noisy and they introduce this noise at the critical interface of the record and stylus. Plus any small vacuum leaks from the seals create a high frequency vibration that is detrimental to the music.

Black Diamond Air-bearing Arm and Spindle
The arm is a true high-pressure (45 psi) low-flow captured linear tracking air bearing. The mono block is unique, containing eight fixed jets in a quad vent arrangement. This results in a friction-free, ultra-rigid arm bearing that is self-cleaning. The spindle and the arm are constructed of a proprietary material that is stiffer than carbon fiber. A simple adjustment sets the center of gravity correctly for any cartridge.  The improvement in sound is amazing.

Fully adjustable for VTA, overhang, azimuth and damping. VTA adjustments do not affect the others. The VTA is not adjustable during play – that would compromise the sound. However, the VTA is easily adjustable. The damping is adjustable during play. Most cartridges require only a small amount of damping playing premium records; however, lesser recordings require more damping.

Arm Wiring – Sourced from a bio-medical laboratory. This is the same ultra-pure solid core silver wire with ultra pure clear .001 inch Teflon insulation that is used in medical research to connect the ear to the brain. Directionally wired and cryogenically treated for improved sound.

Remote Drive Motor Enclosed in a matching cast crushed marble enclosure, the motor drive is mounted on Valid Points and sets on an adjustable motorbase assembly so that belt tension can be easily adjusted. The drive pulley is straight cut so that any belt material up to 5/16 of an inch may be used. Two to four millimeter 100% silk belts are supplied and preferred.

The motor is wired with silver/Teflon solid core wire, with ultra premium foil, and solid capacitors by-passed with signature foil capacitors. The on/off switch is solid silver. The drive motor is an instrument grade ball bearing AC motor, and is fitted with an IEC connector so premium power cords may be used.

Reference Motor Controller – The motor controller comes with the turntable and provides the motor with noise-free, accurate speedregardless of wall power changes. It is 17.5 x 8 x 4 inches and is mounted on a six-piece Valid Points resonance control kit. You receive an additional Valid Points disc to sit on top of the motor controller. It allows for separate fine adjustments for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. A KAB strobe is provided for precise speed setting. Speed selection is by a switch. The unit is fitted with an IEC connector so the power cord of your choice may be used.

Air Supply System
A unique, adjustable tri-air suspension. The regulated automatic air suspension system can be set for the exact resonance point of the turntable and your equipment rack to achieve maximum isolation and stability. Extremely stable and quiet. The undertable chambers and air pods are set with a precision regulator, gauge and check valve. The air pods are coupled to the table in a way that maximizes isolation and rigidity and controls resonance.

pumpbox2016smIncluded is a very convenient oilless air supply (right) – very quiet and requires no maintenance. The air supply stays active so that the turntable is always ready to play – no need to wait for the air supply to come up to pressure. It is fully-automatic, temperature-controlled and hassle-free. A 100-foot roll of 1/4″ OD clear flexible plastic tubing are included so the air supply can be placed anywhere up to 100 feet away, even in another room.



Easy Setup

The turntable requires a rigid, sturdy platform with a minimum area of 24 x 18 inches capable of supporting 245 pounds.  The recommended width is 28 x 18 inches. Shipping weight of the system is approximately 425 pounds.

The Proscenium Black Diamond Turntable will come with an owner’s manual that includes step-by-step directions for setting up your turntable and a very easy to use mirror protractor. The table is designed to be easy to set and play. Depending upon your location, set up service may be available.


Options & Complementary Products

Prologue Top Platform – Special non-resonance top platform in premium Jatoba (similar to Brazilian cherry) with a natural, hand-rubbed tung oil finish. 3 x 18 x 28 inches. Sits on top of your existing rack.  75 lbs.

Prologue Equipment Rack – Includes the Prologue Top Shelf.
In beautiful premium Jatoba. Mounted on four 2-inch Valid Points for leveling, with three shelves for components. Up to 42.5 inches tall; must know shelf height. 360 lbs.

Optional Direct Connection of Turntable and Phono Amp
Eliminates the need for an expensive set of interconnects and dramatically improves the sound. The phono amp is placed behind the turntable arm and the arm wires, fitted with custom silver RCAs, are plugged directly into the phono amp. Requires purchase of the Prologue Rack.

Walker Procession Phono Amp – A two-piece component for use with moving coil cartridges, the Procession features dual mono continuous linear cartridge loading, 0 to 2.5k, making this the easiest-to-use phono amp ever. Most adjustable loading phono amps only allow large fixed incremental adjustments such as 100, 300, 500 or 1000 ohms.  These are all compromises and not the absolute best setting for any cartridge or system.  The best setting will be somewhere in-between. The new Procession Phono Amplifier has continuous variable cartridge loading that can be adjusted during play and can be set anywhere between 0 and 1000 ohms while you are listening. When you find the right setting, there will be magic.

Review of Proscenium Black Diamond III October 2012
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