5 in Buyer’s Guide

Walker Audio is proud to have five of our products featured in The Absolute Sound 2013 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide.  The editors of TAS pick the products they consider to be the best audio products segmented by category and price.  Here’s what made the cut:

Equipment Racks:  Prologue Equipment Rack
“…beautifully made…kills vibration without killing the life of the music.”

Turntables: Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable
“…not only looks fantastic but sounds fantastic too…The finest competitors sound like the best possible hi-fi….the Walker, by comparison, makes those same instruments sound a bit less like superb reproductions and a bit more like real instruments playing in your room…Gorgeous in tone color, extraordinary in resolution, superb on bass, and nonpareil in soundstaging…if you’re looking for the finest in LP playback, look no further.

 (FYI: We call them System-Enhancing products because they are anything but optional!)

Valid Points Resonance Control Super Tuning Kit: “…sensationally effective…”

Walker Silver Jumpers: “…perfect for two-piece speakers that require a jumper…”

Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System: “…superb…really does reveal details that have gone unheard beneath layers of dust and wear…no machine-applied cleaning solutions can compare.”

We thank the editors of TAS for including these products in their 2012 Buyer’s Guide.