6 is good…

Well, once again we’re humbled by the praise of industry professionals as Walker Audio products garnered SIX Positive Feedback Online Brutus Awards. Six different products received the award “in recognition of significant contributions to the audio arts in 2014.” Six. That feels like a lot. 🙂

Among the winners are the Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable (earning its 6th PFO Brutus award), the new Walker Procession Phono Amplifier, the Eliminator Directional Antennae (earning its second such award), the Crystal Reference Record Clamp, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Kit, and the Black Diamond Cartridge Crystals.

Positive Feedback Online has been fostering a creative community of people who love music for decades, and their opinions (and their awards) are both highly respected and highly valued in this industry. We are truly honored to be considered by PFO for an award, let alone win one. And to have won six is far beyond our expectations. Naturally we’re excited about our products – it’s just exceptionally cool to find others, especially others so highly regarded, who are as excited as we are. We’re thrilled to be selected. Many thanks to David Robinson, Dave Clark, and the good folks at Positive Feedback!

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