E-SST Contact Treatment


Improves the transmission of fine audio and video signals allowing information to pass undistorted across electrical connections. Like a major equipment upgrade in a jar.

“WOW!…There is a clarity, kind of like I just cleaned my eyeglasses. I now understand what all those reviewers wrote about.” customer email


Product Description

Detailed Instructions 

We start with ultra-pure silver that is specially processed and made into long micro-flakes. The silver flake is suspended in an organic fluid chosen for its dielectric and temperature characteristics and excellent sound.  Unlike most contact treatments that merely clean or lubricate a connection, E-SST is highly conductive and must be applied with care according to the directions.

E-SST will dramatically improve the sound and/or video of any system. The highs will be more extended, cleaner, clearer and better focused. The mid-range will be more transparent with more articulation and detail, yet without harshness or glare. The bass will be stronger, tighter, and quicker. The soundstage will take on a more natural presence. With video systems, the sound improvement will be matched by the improvements to the video. Look for a cleaner, more three-dimensional picture with richer color.

” …I started in high-end audio in 1957. With all these years experience, this is one of the single highest value and return to my investment – significant improvement to the sound…” WL, customer   Click on the Reviews tab to see more customer comments.

Use E-SST to treat: power cords, speaker cables, interconnects, tubes, video connectors, fuses and more. Apply E-SST to every connection in your audio and video systems for a huge improvement. 

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5.25 x 2.5 in
5.00 out of 5

reviews for E-SST Contact Treatment

  1. (verified owner)

    Stunned, I immediately noticed several benefits. First of all, the clarity and spaciousness of instruments, voices and the sound space in the recording were notably improved. Highly recommend, for sure.

  2. …I also use your Ultra Vivid, the Valid Points, silver contact enhancer, all of which have improved the sound. BM, customer email

  3. …results were remarkable and easily the finest I have ever encountered with a contact treatment and enhancer. The sonic results are not heard as typical “band-aid” type of push or lift in any part of the frequency range. What I heard is simply more of what is already there. It’s very much as if a scrim has been removed. Genuine improvements such as this should not be controversial in any way…my sincere congratulations on a very fine product that has how become essential to me. JH, record producer

  4. I used this on all my tube feet for my BAT 75SE with great results. JJ, customer email

  5. …great improvement for the money spent. JS, customer email

  6. I used isopropyl alcohol and fine emery paper (actually a cardboard nail file) to clean all contacts. The nail file worked really well as I could trim it to size to fit where necessary. Valve pins took some patience and a deft hand to apply the E-SST! So far, immediately better separation, soundstage, and focus, more detail, lower noise floor, better attack, more dynamic…Very impressed! PJ, Australia, customer email

  7. (verified owner)

    Quite astonishing. I finally experience sound quality I have only dreamed of. An obvious proof that this effect is “real” (and not only resides in my mind) is that when I treated only one (previously cleaned) left channel interconnect, the soundfield was heavily moved to the left. I feel that’s beyond possible placebo.

    The same kind of obvious improvements of signal integrity after applying sst-e to more connections has summed up to a sound quality I am really happy with.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    In a world of exagerated claims and self promotion, I’m so impressed when I find a product that actually works. ESST is an extraordinary product tha is simple to use and made a significant incremental improvement as I applied it to valve pins, speaker cables and power cables. My system opened up, revealing inner detail, dynamics improved and soundstage is more accurate. I highly recommend ESST for a simple, effective product that really works!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    First 1 hour was awfull metalic sound and was thinking ooohhh yes silver
    – I hate it, more metallic sound the before , this product will go to
    the waistecontainer in a moment!!!! hhhmmm but I was wrong:)
    after 3 hours of playing, it was different!!!

    I really love the NEW sound in my case I belivee my da/converter got a
    kick and startet to produce analog sound, which also included a lot of
    texture, bass and silence. I played speed girl from michael jackson and
    yes very very fantastic speed. Miles Davis kind of blue was more analog
    then ever:)

    HHmm anything else …….. yes everything is more round including the
    soundstage and clear and its like the sound got more laid back and not
    aggressive in any way.

    I will pass the SST product further to my freind, which is producing
    High end AC and interconnect cables here in poland. If he would like
    SST, I would be interested to import the SSt and other of your magical

    CW, customer

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