Crystal Reference Record Clamp



Last year, we improved our Reference record clamp by adding our Black Diamond technology.  Now, we’ve improved the record clamp again with the White Diamond crystal on top that intercepts and cancels harmful RF interference.  Works on all turntables that have an adequate spindle.  (See Product Description below.)

Expect to hear a deeper, wider sound stage with improved dynamics and better, stronger, deeper bass. The soundstage will be more transparent, the harmonics and voices cleaner and more natural-sounding. Bring the performance right into your room and enjoy your music like never before.

“Familiar records are stunningly quiet. Low level details were there that we never heard before, and Holly Cole leapt out of the background as if we were suddenly watching a 3D movie.  Very impressive!”  SC, customer

Note: This comment is about the previous version of the record clamp.  Just imagine how good the new one is!!


Product Description

Few people realize the importance of a good record clamp. A record clamp should do more than just weigh down a record. At a minimum, a record clamp should address the flatness of the record and resonance control. Most do not.

The new Walker Crystal Reference Record Clamp not only deals with the flatness issue and resonance control, it also affects RFI in a way that will amaze you and transform your sound.

The Crystal Reference record clamp employs the benefits of a special White Diamond crystal on top. The White Diamond crystal is held within a specially-designed shielding enclosure that focuses the effect of the crystal to intercept and cancel harmful RF interference, improving your sound.

Spacers hold the record slightly above the platter so that when the knob is tightened, the record is held securely in a single plane. This keeps the VTA and tracking force constant across the lp. The rigid connection allows resonances and vibrations to be absorbed by the record clamp using resonance-absorbing discs and three Black Diamond crystals on the bottom to reduce static and electrical noise.

The Walker Crystal Reference record clamp will work with all turntables.  The only requirement is that your spindle extends past the record approximately 3/16 to ¼ inch for the record clamp to grip the spindle.

Record Mat: I’ve been asked repeatedly asked about record mats.  As a rule, I do not recommend a soft mat.  If you’ve used one and decide to remove it, be sure to correct the VTA and check your tracking force.

Highly Recommended: Black Diamond Cartridge Crystals: Eliminates EMI and electrical noise from affecting your cartridge.  A huge improvement in sound!

Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 x 4.25 x 3.5 in


  1. It hands down smokes my VPI SS/delrin clamp. KA, customer email

  2. …after the record clamp upgrade, there is no noise floor. Zero…The micro-dynamic information that was dutifully exposed by the zero noise floor feels like adding pixie dust to the sound, on every dimension, harmonic, dynamic, coherence, and sheer transparency. You get more detail than I thought possible… AK, customer email

  3. This clamp is really a fantastic product ! Everything become more alive and realistic. The soundstage is phenomenal and details are stunning. It is hard to go to bed when you have music sounding like this !

  4. To tell you the truth, even with the testimonies and your enthusiasm, I did not expect such a noticeable improvement…The tightening of soundstage, yet added layering was what I first noted. Both bass and upper registers were…just more real. The two most prominent changes were in the blackness and in the mid-range. A live recording of Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw that I have listened to at least 50 times, now had a body and brassy sound I always wished my system could reproduce. Voices sound more relaxed, yet more detailed…Thanks for the most unexpected development my system has experienced in quite awhile. SN, Wisconsin, customer email

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