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Our products enhance the listening and viewing experience for customers with all levels of systems: analog, digital and video. We specialize in high-end audio components and audio and video accessories. No expense or effort is spared to create the best products possible. We believe
that not only is our turntable the finest in the world, but that our other system-enhancing products are also world-class.

Remember, the magic is in the details.

Proscenium Black Diamond V

Procession Phono AmplifierEliminator Directional Antennae


Talisman Magnetic OptimizerPrelude Record Cleaning System High Definition Links for Speakers
_Prologue Rack and Amplifier Stands____________________________________________________________

Get the most out of your system.

We now offer to all audiophiles the same system set-up and optimization expertise for digital and analog systems once only available to Proscenium turntable owners.

Every system, regardless of price, must deal with issues like vibration and resonances, ambient noise in the environment and electrical signal and quality of source material before it can sound its best.  Read More…