About Us

Lloyd Walker’s passion for audio started in 1976 with a $64 AR turntable. A friend of mine bought a much more expensive turntable, but the AR was clearly superior.” he says. “I had to find out why.”  That began a fascinating journey into the world of audio and eventually high-end audio.

Walker Audio grew out of nearly twenty years of experimentation as a customer. Since 1996, Fred, Felicia and I have operated Walker Audio with the goal of making the best audio components and audio and video accessories in the world.

One overriding lesson we’ve learned is that you can’t take anything for granted. You must try it and listen, listen, listen. And you must know how to listen critically to a system.

In talking with hundreds of customers and others in the business, I found that not everyone has a systematic method for listening to music to evaluate a component or system. I’ve been asked by so many how I do it that I wrote down my approach for evaluating components and fine tuning a system. You’ll find these on the Tips and Techniques pages of this web site. When I’ve set up systems, customers have been amazed by what we do and how we do it. But it really is no secret. It requires a systematic approach and patience and an understanding of the critical elements that can make or break a system – things like resonance control, EMI and other high frequency noise. These will dramatically affect even the best components. And, we believe cleaning your LPs and CDs is critical.


To sum it up, I’d say our design philosophy is simple. We do away with anything in the signal path that will color or affect the music. Because we are a small company, we do not compete with the big companies that produce their products on assembly lines. All our products are made by hand. We use the top quality parts that we have rigorously tested to determine that they are the best sounding.


Besides the Proscenium turntable, we have a wide variety of products including our Walker Reference Phono Amp, the Prologue equipment rack, the Velocitor Power Line Enhancer and numerous accessories for audio and video systems. We have made it our goal to be the best in every product category that we compete in and every product we have has received an industry award. I don’t know of any other manufacturer that can say that.


I’m very happy to say that along the way we’ve earned a reputation for honesty and dependability. We want our customers to be thrilled with our products and with the effects they get from them. Please let us know how we can help you.


Lloyd Walker: President
Chief Researcher and Designer
Operations, Sales & Marketing
Walker Audio