An Epic Review from Positive Feedback Online

If you’ve not heard of David Robinson and PFO by now, you really should have. David and his esteemed group of colleagues at Positive Feedback Online have been writing some of the most in-depth, well-composed reviews of audio equipment in the known universe for quite some time now. David’s work has a great many impressive qualities – it’s incredibly well-written, it leaves no stone unturned, and the language makes the seemingly intangible qualities of audio easy to grasp. But perhaps its most impressive quality comes from David’s breadth of experience. The man has heard pretty much everything out there, and can cogently convey his observations with language that draws the reader in and helps him or her truly understand the principles at work.

It also turns out that as much as we love David, David loves Walker Audio.

In case you missed it, Positive Feedback Online recently released its review of the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond V, the Procession Phono Amplifier, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Kit, the Eliminators with RCAs… it’s a doozy. And it’s a unique review, because it approaches audio the way we do: systematically. This review tackles the calculated enhancements each of these products affects on David’s system, not in typical piecemeal fashion, but in the cumulative means by which they are designed to work. Naturally, each of these products works on its own. But partnered with the others, the result is pure magic. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s a bit of what David had to say about the results.

The superlatives abound everywhere in my mind, retrospectively. Transparency. Detail, in spades. Incredibly dynamics, and lightning-like swing…a JUMP factor that’s unparalleled. Soundstaging that’s a complete wrap-around: Miles deep, high, wide…a holodeck experience with LPs. Bass that goes bloody deep…deeper than I’ve heard from a turntable system…glorious midrange…and highly extended upper frequencies, with no limits. Air, presence, real silence…which is not “nothing”…rendered effortlessly. Imaging that lets you take great recordings and point directly at performers. Layering that lets you see row after row in a symphony orchestra, without having to force the exercise.

There’s a fully organic rightness to the sound of your LPs…a sense of ease, naturalness, and the correct integration of harmonics and textures. Detail absolutely does not come at the cost of musicality; rhythm just flows. It means that you can listen for hours, literally, and feel better and better as time goes by. No trade-offs. You don’t get tired of it, ever…you don’t want it to end.

In fact, I can’t think of a single flaw in what I’m hearing, after all these months.

Not one. Not even a quibble. No nits to pick. No “if only.”

I just keeping flappin’ and flippin’ my LPs, snappin’ my fingers, bouncin’ my head, my hands, and my feet, and smilin’. Pure delight.

Wow. Is satisfaction like this even possible? It is possible to fall this deeply in love with your audio system? If you have any doubt, click here to read the whole in-depth story. It’s a long read, but an easy one, and you can accompany David on his journey toward audio Nirvana, and maybe get a little guidance on your way.

We’re grateful for David, for his honesty and support, and for his excellent publication. Thank you, Positive Feedback. Happy listening. 🙂

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