Announcing Two New Products!

Well, folks, we’ve been busy. We’re announcing the release of not one, but TWO new products from the Walker Audio family. Introducing the Eliminator with RCAs & the Black Diamond Field Crystals for Turntables.

The Eliminators with RCAs are one of the most effective products we’ve ever made and they couldn’t be simpler to install. What do they do?  Eliminators pick up EMI and RFI and stray ambient electrical noise in your room and channels them to the system ground. The new Eliminator with RCAs does the same at your preamp, but with even more startling results. We recommend a full complement of Eliminators – on your preamp and amplifiers and, if you have one, your turntable – for the maximum effect.

On another front, we’ve been experimenting with how to modulate the charge of the Black Diamond Crystals based on their mass, and more importantly where and how to take advantage of the modulated charge for optimal sonic results. Our findings have led us to this:the Black Diamond  Field Crystal Kit for Turntables.

This is a set of three specially-machined brass cups, each holding a Black Diamond crystal inside. They alter the electrical field around your turntable and prevent electrical noise from affecting your cartridge. You’ll be surprised and amazed at the difference these make to the accuracy and purity of the music signal. It is very easy to hear the improvement and they work with any turntable.

Combine the Black Diamond Turntable Field Crystal kit with the Black Diamond Cartridge Crystals for even more incredible results.

We’re excited about BOTH of these advancements, and we’re happy to share them with the world. But don’t take our word for it – pick them both up and listen for yourself!

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