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From time to time we get our hands on some truly incredible gear that we’d love to put to use at the Walker Audio labs, but for whatever reason (usually space, sometimes maintaining consistency in our reference system, etc.) we can’t give it the home it deserves. These Audionet MAX amps are one of those situations – STELLAR performance, but we just don’t have a spot for them. We’ve developed a package that gets every last ounce of musicality out of these amazing amps, and we’re offering that package for sale to all of you first. CONTACT US to purchase!

Audionet MAX Amplifiers: Black, brand new (10 hrs playing time). List is $30,000, but we’re letting them go at $16,500 plus shipping with warranty. CONTACT US for details.


Black Valid Points Resonance Control Kit: This kit is custom engineered for use with these amps, finished in black. The improvement in performance is unreal. Lists at $1,130. Price with the amplifiers: $750


Silver Adapters – XLR to RCA: If needed, built specifically for this setup. List is $800.  $650.

Interested? CONTACT US for an audition here at Walker Audio. Give us two days notice, and we’ll set it up! Hope to hear from you!

First let me say that I have no patience with cables that try to impress by being huge, stiff, hard to work with, with little to no bass and an unreasonable price tag. By contrast the Silent Source Music Reference Cables are attractive, flexible, and user-friendly – not to mention the best sounding cables I’ve heard. They are our reference cables. And right now we’re running a sale on in-stock cables at special pricing, and offering excellent pricing on other sizes you might need.

Your music deserves the best cables – and “best” doesn’t always mean “most expensive”. You can try to impress your friends with your giant, expensive cables all you want. But Silent Source cables will take your favorite mammoth cables out behind the woodshed and give them a beatdown to remember, all the while being flexible and easy to install. It’s that simple.

Contact us to purchase. Happy listening!


Silent Source Music Reference Interconnects

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1.2 Meter RCA Demo




1.5 Meter RCA New


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2 Meter RCA New


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4.5 Meter RCA New


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1.5 Meter XLR New


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Phono Cables

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1.5 Meter RCA w/Ground New $4495 ea. Contact Us

Speaker Cables

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2.5 Meter Set Silver Spades New


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Power Cords

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Music Reference New


Contact Us Music Reference High Current New


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When it comes to what to buy next, there are a bevy of options out there for the average audiophile. A plethora. A veritable cornucopia, if you will. Let’s face it, people, when this is your hobby (or worse, your passion) you’re seldom at a loss for an option to buy next, right? So, with all of the options out there, how can you separate the proverbial wheat from the audio chaff? Well, you can trust the pros at The Absolute Sound, for one.

These guys spend their days listening, testing, re-listening, re-testing, comparing, contrasting… then they write it all down. And where do they write it? In the Buyer’s Guide, of course. We know what you’re thinking… ‘Buyer’s guide? Hey, I’M a buyer!’ Yup. We know. And now, fellow buyer, you’re no longer lost in the dark, with myriad options and a dearth of information. Now you’ve got some help.

So, why bring this up? Is it because we like you, and want to help? Yes. Is it just because we want to stump for TAS? Nope (much as we like them). Is it because our products are IN the 2017 Buyer’s Guide? Well, yes, it’s that too. 🙂

See, the Proscenium Black Diamond Turntable, the Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System, the Prologue Equipment Rack and Stands, and the Valid Points Resonance Control Kit are all mentioned IN the 2017 Buyer’s Guide. Why? Because the good folks at TAS think they’re great, and know they can recommend them to you with complete confidence. We put our reputation on the line with every product we ship. It says something that The Absolute Sound is willing to put theirs on the line by recommending our products to you. Check out this year’s Buyer’s Guide, and give our products a shot if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed. We guarantee it.

We’ve been discovering the benefits of our Black Diamond crystal technology for several years now and learning more about their AMAZING properties.  Based on our extensive and meticulous research, we now offer you two complementary, but different, products – Black Diamond Component Crystals and Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals.

When properly applied, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals actually manipulate the way sound behaves in your space, with phenomenal results. You can expect dramatically improved focus and a greater sense of realism and dimension in the soundstage as the walls and ceiling seem to open up. No longer will your sound be “electronic”, but it will have a presence and excitement of a live performance.

Black Diamond Component Crystals can deliver see-through transparency, removing several layers of haze that can muddle your sound. You can expect a wider, deeper soundstage and improved dynamics. Music from CDs, LPs and other music sources that was too noisy, laid back or distorted comes alive.

Both types of Crystals are powerful, and are calibrated by mass and directionality, so don’t confuse the two. They’re two separate products specifically designed for their individual use. But to make things simpler, we now offer each type of crystal in sets of 4, 6 and 8 – and we’ve revised our pricing as well. Be sure to read the reviews and check them out for yourself. You’ll be absolutely floored – we know we are.

Walker Audio would like to thank The Absolute Sound for selecting our Silver Jumpers, Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable, Prologue Equipment Rack, and Valid Points Resonance Control Kit as Editor’s Choice Award Winners for 2016. We’ve won a few awards from TAS over the years. In fact, “a few” might be understating the facts. But the reason our products are perennial award winners is pretty simple – we very intentionally strive to make every single product we manufacture the absolute best it can be, and we’re not satisfied until we hit that mark. Aristotle may have said it best: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

So we’ll keep creating and refining products to make them every bit as good as the ones that have come before, and we’ll make a habit of sharing them with you all. Apparently we’ll also be making a habit of winning awards. Thanks, TAS! 🙂

We’ve been working hard at the Walker Audio labs, testing and retesting, listening and re-listening, making improvement after improvement on the already spectacular Procession Phono Amplifier. The results we’ve been getting have been so good we just can’t stop talking about them around here – and we’ve decided after all of that discussion that it would be crazy not to release a new Reference version of the Phono Amp. So keep your eyes on the website, and sign up for our newsletter (look for the green button on the upper right of this page) for updates. Upgraded components, an optimized signal path and power section, and a new case you’ll be proud to keep on your rack are all in the works. The Procession is already an absolute giant-killer. The Procession Reference might just be the giant everybody else ends up aiming at. Stay tuned!

If you’ve not heard of David Robinson and PFO by now, you really should have. David and his esteemed group of colleagues at Positive Feedback Online have been writing some of the most in-depth, well-composed reviews of audio equipment in the known universe for quite some time now. David’s work has a great many impressive qualities – it’s incredibly well-written, it leaves no stone unturned, and the language makes the seemingly intangible qualities of audio easy to grasp. But perhaps its most impressive quality comes from David’s breadth of experience. The man has heard pretty much everything out there, and can cogently convey his observations with language that draws the reader in and helps him or her truly understand the principles at work.

It also turns out that as much as we love David, David loves Walker Audio.

In case you missed it, Positive Feedback Online recently released its review of the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond V, the Procession Phono Amplifier, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Kit, the Eliminators with RCAs… it’s a doozy. And it’s a unique review, because it approaches audio the way we do: systematically. This review tackles the calculated enhancements each of these products affects on David’s system, not in typical piecemeal fashion, but in the cumulative means by which they are designed to work. Naturally, each of these products works on its own. But partnered with the others, the result is pure magic. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s a bit of what David had to say about the results.

The superlatives abound everywhere in my mind, retrospectively. Transparency. Detail, in spades. Incredibly dynamics, and lightning-like swing…a JUMP factor that’s unparalleled. Soundstaging that’s a complete wrap-around: Miles deep, high, wide…a holodeck experience with LPs. Bass that goes bloody deep…deeper than I’ve heard from a turntable system…glorious midrange…and highly extended upper frequencies, with no limits. Air, presence, real silence…which is not “nothing”…rendered effortlessly. Imaging that lets you take great recordings and point directly at performers. Layering that lets you see row after row in a symphony orchestra, without having to force the exercise.

There’s a fully organic rightness to the sound of your LPs…a sense of ease, naturalness, and the correct integration of harmonics and textures. Detail absolutely does not come at the cost of musicality; rhythm just flows. It means that you can listen for hours, literally, and feel better and better as time goes by. No trade-offs. You don’t get tired of it, ever…you don’t want it to end.

In fact, I can’t think of a single flaw in what I’m hearing, after all these months.

Not one. Not even a quibble. No nits to pick. No “if only.”

I just keeping flappin’ and flippin’ my LPs, snappin’ my fingers, bouncin’ my head, my hands, and my feet, and smilin’. Pure delight.

Wow. Is satisfaction like this even possible? It is possible to fall this deeply in love with your audio system? If you have any doubt, click here to read the whole in-depth story. It’s a long read, but an easy one, and you can accompany David on his journey toward audio Nirvana, and maybe get a little guidance on your way.

We’re grateful for David, for his honesty and support, and for his excellent publication. Thank you, Positive Feedback. Happy listening. 🙂

Have you ever had a secret you couldn’t wait  to tell? Well, we’ve known about this for a little while, and finally the cat is out of the proverbial bag. Who better to give you the news than the good folks at The Absolute Sound Themselves? Here they are, in their own words…

The March issue of The Absolute Sound features our Editors’ Choice Awards. In this annual feature, writers recommend components that they would buy themselves or recommend to family and friends. This issue is well-read, kept, and referred to throughout the year by consumers and retailers alike.


Walker Audio products on the list for 2015 include:

Walker Audio Prologue Equipment Stands/Racks

Walker Audio Silver Speaker Jumpers

Walker Audio Valid Points Resonance Control Kit

Walker Proscenium Black Diamond Mk. V Turntable

There you have it, folks. We’re lucky enough to have quite a history when it comes to receiving industry awards – and we promise, we’re not trying to run up the score. We just want to make the best audio products in the known universe. And they just keep giving us the darn things. 🙂

Happy listening!

Well, folks, we’ve been busy. We’re announcing the release of not one, but TWO new products from the Walker Audio family. Introducing the Eliminator with RCAs & the Black Diamond Field Crystals for Turntables.

The Eliminators with RCAs are one of the most effective products we’ve ever made and they couldn’t be simpler to install. What do they do?  Eliminators pick up EMI and RFI and stray ambient electrical noise in your room and channels them to the system ground. The new Eliminator with RCAs does the same at your preamp, but with even more startling results. We recommend a full complement of Eliminators – on your preamp and amplifiers and, if you have one, your turntable – for the maximum effect.

On another front, we’ve been experimenting with how to modulate the charge of the Black Diamond Crystals based on their mass, and more importantly where and how to take advantage of the modulated charge for optimal sonic results. Our findings have led us to this:the Black Diamond  Field Crystal Kit for Turntables.

This is a set of three specially-machined brass cups, each holding a Black Diamond crystal inside. They alter the electrical field around your turntable and prevent electrical noise from affecting your cartridge. You’ll be surprised and amazed at the difference these make to the accuracy and purity of the music signal. It is very easy to hear the improvement and they work with any turntable.

Combine the Black Diamond Turntable Field Crystal kit with the Black Diamond Cartridge Crystals for even more incredible results.

We’re excited about BOTH of these advancements, and we’re happy to share them with the world. But don’t take our word for it – pick them both up and listen for yourself!

Well, once again we’re humbled by the praise of industry professionals as Walker Audio products garnered SIX Positive Feedback Online Brutus Awards. Six different products received the award “in recognition of significant contributions to the audio arts in 2014.” Six. That feels like a lot. 🙂

Among the winners are the Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable (earning its 6th PFO Brutus award), the new Walker Procession Phono Amplifier, the Eliminator Directional Antennae (earning its second such award), the Crystal Reference Record Clamp, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Kit, and the Black Diamond Cartridge Crystals.

Positive Feedback Online has been fostering a creative community of people who love music for decades, and their opinions (and their awards) are both highly respected and highly valued in this industry. We are truly honored to be considered by PFO for an award, let alone win one. And to have won six is far beyond our expectations. Naturally we’re excited about our products – it’s just exceptionally cool to find others, especially others so highly regarded, who are as excited as we are. We’re thrilled to be selected. Many thanks to David Robinson, Dave Clark, and the good folks at Positive Feedback!