Black Diamond Crystals – New Applications, New Pricing!

We’ve been discovering the benefits of our Black Diamond crystal technology for several years now and learning more about their AMAZING properties.  Based on our extensive and meticulous research, we now offer you two complementary, but different, products – Black Diamond Component Crystals and Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals.

When properly applied, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals actually manipulate the way sound behaves in your space, with phenomenal results. You can expect dramatically improved focus and a greater sense of realism and dimension in the soundstage as the walls and ceiling seem to open up. No longer will your sound be “electronic”, but it will have a presence and excitement of a live performance.

Black Diamond Component Crystals can deliver see-through transparency, removing several layers of haze that can muddle your sound. You can expect a wider, deeper soundstage and improved dynamics. Music from CDs, LPs and other music sources that was too noisy, laid back or distorted comes alive.

Both types of Crystals are powerful, and are calibrated by mass and directionality, so don’t confuse the two. They’re two separate products specifically designed for their individual use. But to make things simpler, we now offer each type of crystal in sets of 4, 6 and 8 – and we’ve revised our pricing as well. Be sure to read the reviews and check them out for yourself. You’ll be absolutely floored – we know we are.

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