Cartridge Crystal For All Turntables

We admit that we have a relentless (some say obsessive) need to test the boundaries of what is possible in analog playback…thus the new Black Diamond cartridge crystal. This is the simplest and most impressive upgrade you can make to your system.  It can be quickly installed on any turntable and cartridge pairing. An inexpensive cartridge will sound like it costs many times more. An expensive one sounds off the charts!

We recently installed the Black Diamond crystal on a ClearAudio Statement cartridge and everyone in the room sat there in amazement.  The soundstage opened up beyond the walls, the sound was gorgeous, and the bass…oh my…the bass was fantastic.

Even on modestly-priced cartridges, you can expect to hear a greatly-improved soundstage, instruments and vocals in the room with you and bass so real you’ll be mesmerized.

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