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When it comes to what to buy next, there are a bevy of options out there for the average audiophile. A plethora. A veritable cornucopia, if you will. Let’s face it, people, when this is your hobby (or worse, your passion) you’re seldom at a loss for an option to buy next, right? So, with all of the options out there, how can you separate the proverbial wheat from the audio chaff? Well, you can trust the pros at The Absolute Sound, for one.

These guys spend their days listening, testing, re-listening, re-testing, comparing, contrasting… then they write it all down. And where do they write it? In the Buyer’s Guide, of course. We know what you’re thinking… ‘Buyer’s guide? Hey, I’M a buyer!’ Yup. We know. And now, fellow buyer, you’re no longer lost in the dark, with myriad options and a dearth of information. Now you’ve got some help.

So, why bring this up? Is it because we like you, and want to help? Yes. Is it just because we want to stump for TAS? Nope (much as we like them). Is it because our products are IN the 2017 Buyer’s Guide? Well, yes, it’s that too. 🙂

See, the Proscenium Black Diamond Turntable, the Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System, the Prologue Equipment Rack and Stands, and the Valid Points Resonance Control Kit are all mentioned IN the 2017 Buyer’s Guide. Why? Because the good folks at TAS think they’re great, and know they can recommend them to you with complete confidence. We put our reputation on the line with every product we ship. It says something that The Absolute Sound is willing to put theirs on the line by recommending our products to you. Check out this year’s Buyer’s Guide, and give our products a shot if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed. We guarantee it.

We’ve been discovering the benefits of our Black Diamond crystal technology for several years now and learning more about their AMAZING properties.  Based on our extensive and meticulous research, we now offer you two complementary, but different, products – Black Diamond Component Crystals and Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals.

When properly applied, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals actually manipulate the way sound behaves in your space, with phenomenal results. You can expect dramatically improved focus and a greater sense of realism and dimension in the soundstage as the walls and ceiling seem to open up. No longer will your sound be “electronic”, but it will have a presence and excitement of a live performance.

Black Diamond Component Crystals can deliver see-through transparency, removing several layers of haze that can muddle your sound. You can expect a wider, deeper soundstage and improved dynamics. Music from CDs, LPs and other music sources that was too noisy, laid back or distorted comes alive.

Both types of Crystals are powerful, and are calibrated by mass and directionality, so don’t confuse the two. They’re two separate products specifically designed for their individual use. But to make things simpler, we now offer each type of crystal in sets of 4, 6 and 8 – and we’ve revised our pricing as well. Be sure to read the reviews and check them out for yourself. You’ll be absolutely floored – we know we are.

We’ve been working hard at the Walker Audio labs, testing and retesting, listening and re-listening, making improvement after improvement on the already spectacular Procession Phono Amplifier. The results we’ve been getting have been so good we just can’t stop talking about them around here – and we’ve decided after all of that discussion that it would be crazy not to release a new Reference version of the Phono Amp. So keep your eyes on the website, and sign up for our newsletter (look for the green button on the upper right of this page) for updates. Upgraded components, an optimized signal path and power section, and a new case you’ll be proud to keep on your rack are all in the works. The Procession is already an absolute giant-killer. The Procession Reference might just be the giant everybody else ends up aiming at. Stay tuned!

Well, once again we’re humbled by the praise of industry professionals as Walker Audio products garnered SIX Positive Feedback Online Brutus Awards. Six different products received the award “in recognition of significant contributions to the audio arts in 2014.” Six. That feels like a lot. 🙂

Among the winners are the Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable (earning its 6th PFO Brutus award), the new Walker Procession Phono Amplifier, the Eliminator Directional Antennae (earning its second such award), the Crystal Reference Record Clamp, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Kit, and the Black Diamond Cartridge Crystals.

Positive Feedback Online has been fostering a creative community of people who love music for decades, and their opinions (and their awards) are both highly respected and highly valued in this industry. We are truly honored to be considered by PFO for an award, let alone win one. And to have won six is far beyond our expectations. Naturally we’re excited about our products – it’s just exceptionally cool to find others, especially others so highly regarded, who are as excited as we are. We’re thrilled to be selected. Many thanks to David Robinson, Dave Clark, and the good folks at Positive Feedback!

Check out the Walker Audio products listed among the best of the best in The Absolute Sound’s Spring 2015 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide.

Page 210 Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond V “…JV’s reference for the better part of a decade. If you’re looking for the finest in LP playback, look no further.”

Page 222 Walker Audio Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System “…no automatic disc-washing machine, conventional or ultrasonic, can achieve quite the same astonishing results.”

Page 260 Walker Audio Silver Jumpers and Walker Audio Valid Points Resonance Control Kit “…perfect for two-piece speakers systems that require a jumper…”

“…sensationally effective…”

What does it take to be repeatedly recognized for the effectiveness and performance of our products? Perhaps it is our commitment to quality. Or our unwavering truthfulness that is unsurpassed in the audiophile world. We think it stems from our passion for excellence in everything we do. We sincerely thank everyone at The Absolute Sound, and especially Jonathan Valin, for including these products in the Buyer’s Guide and we thank our many loyal customers for their ongoing support.

If you’ve been drooling over the idea of getting some top-of-the-line cables to take your system to the next level, but just didn’t have the necessary scratch, this may be your lucky day.

These are Silent Source Music Reference cables that we’ve used in our system and at reviewer’s for demo purposes.  If you’re not familiar with Silent Source cables, you should be.  Silent Source cables are made by hand with a build quality that is second to none. They are gorgeous, very flexible, and a joy to install.  The tonal balance is perfect – top to bottom.  Detail and harmonics are extraordinary, without a hint of harshness, grit, or glare. The bass is to die for!  What else could you want?

Here’s what’s available: (All prices are in U.S. Dollars)

One 2 meter Silent Source Music Reference XLR Interconnects (stereo set) Solid core silver. Sheilded. Cryogenicially-treated. List $7,625  Sale $5,338

Two 1.5 meter Silent Source Music Reference Phono Cables  A true phono cable. Fully-shielded with ground.  Cryogenically-treated. List $4,995 each  Sale $2,995 each

One 10-foot set Silent Source Music Reference Silver Speaker Cables Solid core silver. Cotton-insulated. Shielded. Cryogenically-treated.  These are the best at any price.  List $14,712  Sale $10,299

You can finally end your cable quest right here and at a great price. Contact us to purchase or for more information.  But don’t wait too long, once these are gone, they’re gone!  You will love these!

Let’s face it, audio shows can incredibly stressful – not only for the exhibitors, but also for the attendees.  In trying to visit as many rooms as possible in such a short time, attendees often are overwhelmed by noise and hyperbole and welcome rooms that offer a respite from the craziness.  Positive Feedback Online created the Oasis award to recognize rooms that do just that and exemplify the best of what people come to an audio show to hear.

We are pleased to have been chosen by Positive Feedback Online to receive an Oasis award for day three of The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) show held recently in Newport, California.  Why just for day three?  Well, frankly, because days one and two were nothing to write home about.  We completed the basic set-up only about an hour before the doors opened due to the fact that most of our equipment was lost in shipping or at least misplaced until the 11th hour.  This left no time for dialing in the system or for break-in.  We were still adjusting VTA and tracking force as the first visitors walked through our door!

As an experienced reviewer, David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of PFO, is well aware that what you hear on day one or even day two may not represent the best sound a system is capable of.  In his show report, he writes, “many times, you don’t really have a room hitting its stride until the third (or last) day of an audio show. In fact, I’m convinced that many reviewers and show-goers who make up their mind about the quality of the sound that they heard based on the first… or even the second… day of a show are missing the boat. Worse yet, they may share evaluations that are simply inaccurate.”

He continues, “When I made it back late on Sunday morning (to the Walker room), things were sounding much better. The forward edge was gone, and the bass/midrange/treble were now shaking hands and making real music. In fact, the same LPs that had been unimpressive on the previous day were now kicking some serious butt, and the Raidho D-3s were sitting up and taking notice. The listeners seemed to have the same reaction that I was: This was world-class LP playback, without a doubt, whether we listened to classic, blues, or rock…Based on what I heard on the third day, when things came together, this room gets a well-deserved Audio Oasis! Award.”

As you can imagine, we are disappointed that visitors to our room on Friday and Saturday did not get to experience the quality of sound that we would have liked to share with them.  However, we appreciate the recognition of our room for day three by Positive Feedback Online.

Want the best from your audio/video system? We do too! Check out Where Do I Start – a guide by Lloyd on how to systematically optimize your system for peak performance. You’ll be glad you did!

We love hearing from you, our customers. And we especially love getting comments like this one! Knowing that you get so much enjoyment from our turntable and other products is very gratifying and we deeply appreciate it when you take the time to tell us so.

Here is a recent comment we received via the web site:


“One of the few reasons I consider myself truly blessed is the fact that I have a Walker Black Diamond V table and tone arm. Fitted out with a high-end Koetsu and dialed in by the man himself, it is by far the best source component (not including analog tape) I have ever experienced. Having lived with the table for a few years now, it is also wonderful that like any precision instrument, slight improvements are easy to hear, and Lloyd’s steady stream of low cost tweaks to further trick out the table is the gift that goes on giving.

“Not that you really need them. I have yet to hear my original table bested by another source. If I can’t have this in heaven, I’m not going.“

-Atul K. Summit, NJ


If you’d like to comment on your experience with Walker Audio and our products, it’s really easy. For our System-Enhancing Products, you can add a comment by clicking on the Review tab on any product page. For Reference products, look for the comments section at the bottom of the pages. Or, simply send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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