Dealer/Distributor Inquiries

Walker Audio is actively seeking dealers and/or distributors for

the U.K., Europe, and Asia, the U.S. and Canada.


Learn more about Walker Audio by reading the information below.

If you feel that our approach is a good match for your business, contact us to discuss becoming a dealer for Walker Audio products.



Our product line is divided into two parts: Our turntable plus associated products and our Accessories and Specialty products. You may represent one or both parts depending upon our agreement.

We are most interested in working with dealers who offer outstanding customer service, who take the time to explain how to use the products to their customers, and who have the highest business ethics. If your business prides itself on its honesty, knowledge and caring, you could be the perfect Walker Audio dealer or distributor.

Company Description

We specialize in high-end audio components and audio and video accessories. No expense or effort is spared to create the best products possible. We believe that not only is our turntable the finest in the world, but that our other products are also world-class.

And we are not the only ones who think so. In recent years, Walker Audio has received significant recognition by top reviewers in the industry. In the past six years, we have receive more than 80 awards from The Absolute Sound, Positive Feedback Online, Perfect Vision, 6Moons and others. Every product we offer has received an industry award. Our Proscenium turntable has been the TAS Turntable of the Year three times!

Every Walker product has been researched, designed and built by us. Our products are designed for the absolute best performance possible. We are not interested in making mass produced “plug-and-play” products. We are not interested in using cheaper parts to lower the cost of the products and getting average results. We use premium parts and hand-build our products to achieve the highest quality equipment and accessories.

In addition to our Walker Audio line of products, we represent Silent Source cables.


Our Mission

Our goal is to surprise our customers with the level of detail that is hidden in audio and video recordings and overwhelm the listener with the emotion that great musical and video playback can generate. We want the listener to be excited every time he or she turns on their system.


The Magic Is In The Details

We feel strongly that our accessories are important to helping a customer get the optimal performance from their system. Customers are often astonished and amazed at the effect these products can have. Truly, you cannot imagine the impact these products can have until you try them for yourself.

With these products, you and your sales people can demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and earn the trust and respect of the customer. When a customer sees and hears what these products can do – especially those that are skeptical at first, the customer will be more likely to rely on your future recommendations. This can separate you from the average dealer; many of whom spend no time helping customers get the most from their systems. We believe attention to detail makes the difference between a good system (which every dealer has) and a great system…and the difference between a frustrated customer and a loyal one. The repeat business is worth the time and effort.

At Walker Audio, we are dedicated to achieving superior audio and video playback. Your customers will be delighted with results that they never thought possible to achieve with their systems. Remember, the magic is in the details.