Demo Cable Sale

If you’ve been drooling over the idea of getting some top-of-the-line cables to take your system to the next level, but just didn’t have the necessary scratch, this may be your lucky day.

These are Silent Source Music Reference cables that we’ve used in our system and at reviewer’s for demo purposes.  If you’re not familiar with Silent Source cables, you should be.  Silent Source cables are made by hand with a build quality that is second to none. They are gorgeous, very flexible, and a joy to install.  The tonal balance is perfect – top to bottom.  Detail and harmonics are extraordinary, without a hint of harshness, grit, or glare. The bass is to die for!  What else could you want?

Here’s what’s available: (All prices are in U.S. Dollars)

One 2 meter Silent Source Music Reference XLR Interconnects (stereo set) Solid core silver. Sheilded. Cryogenicially-treated. List $7,625  Sale $5,338

Two 1.5 meter Silent Source Music Reference Phono Cables  A true phono cable. Fully-shielded with ground.  Cryogenically-treated. List $4,995 each  Sale $2,995 each

One 10-foot set Silent Source Music Reference Silver Speaker Cables
Solid core silver. Cotton-insulated. Shielded. Cryogenically-treated.  These are the best at any price.  List $14,712  Sale $10,299

You can finally end your cable quest right here and at a great price. Contact us to purchase or for more information.  But don’t wait too long, once these are gone, they’re gone!  You will love these!

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