Audionet MAX Amplifier Performance Package

From time to time we get our hands on some truly incredible gear that we’d love to put to use at the Walker Audio labs, but for whatever reason (usually space, sometimes maintaining consistency in our reference system, etc.) we can’t give it the home it deserves. These Audionet MAX amps are one of those situations – STELLAR performance, but we just don’t have a spot for them. We’ve developed a package that gets every last ounce of musicality out of these amazing amps, and we’re offering that package for sale to all of you first. CONTACT US to purchase!

Audionet MAX Amplifiers: Black, brand new (10 hrs playing time). List is $30,000, but we’re letting them go at $16,500 plus shipping with warranty. CONTACT US for details.


Black Valid Points Resonance Control Kit: This kit is custom engineered for use with these amps, finished in black. The improvement in performance is unreal. Lists at $1,130. Price with the amplifiers: $750


Silver Adapters – XLR to RCA: If needed, built specifically for this setup. List is $800.  $650.

Interested? CONTACT US for an audition here at Walker Audio. Give us two days notice, and we’ll set it up! Hope to hear from you!

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