Five New Editors’ Choice Awards


Truth be told, we don’t actual get a trophy nor do we have a mantle.  Nevertheless, we’re delighted to have five Walker Audio products recognized by The Absolute Sound with Editors’ Choice awards.

Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable -“Gorgeous in tone color, extraordinary at retrieving low-level detail, superb on bass, and nonpareil on soundstaging, the Walker has been JV’s reference for the better part of a decade.”  Product of the Year four times!

Prelude Record Cleaning System –  “…even discs (LPs) that have just been cleaned by top-rank automated record cleaning machines – can attest that the difference in resolution with the Walker fluids is substantial…”.  FYI: this includes the best ultrasonic machines!

Valid Points Resonance Control Super Tuning Kit – “…sensationally effective…”

Walker Silver Jumpers for bi-wirable speakers (when single wired) – “perfect for two-piece speakers that require a jumper…”

Prologue Equipment Rack – “…beautifully made…kills vibrations without killing the life of the music.”

In a previous posting and in our December newsletter, we reported that the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable and Prelude Record Cleaning System had been named Products of the Year for 2013 by The Absolute Sound.

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