In-Home System Optimization

We now offer to all audiophiles the same system set-up and optimization expertise for digital and analog systems once only available to Proscenium turntable owners. Every system, regardless of price, must deal with issues like vibration and resonances, ambient noise in the environment and electrical signal and quality of source material before it can sound its best.  Many are either unaware of the effects these factors have on the sound or don’t know how to counteract them.

Walker’s expertise includes analysis of and recommendations for source material preparation, room treatment, system location, speaker placement and system components; discussion of music selection and listening technique; demonstration of the effect of resonance, vibration, ambient and system-generated noise on the sound; recommendation for and demonstrations of power supply and cable choices for the system.

The fee for the in-home system optimization varies by location.  No product purchase is required.  Contact Lloyd Walker for more information.

Customer Comment:
“…I knew I was missing something…that little extra feeling of ‘being there’ that takes a system from being simply very good to jaw dropping. You provided that ‘something’…you tried things that the vast majority of people – no matter how experienced they might be – would never think to do.”  JB