Newsletter 12/14 (cont’d)


EvaA friend of mine recommended an LP I’ve really been enjoying. And the only thing better than the joy music brings us is sharing that joy with a few thousand of your closest friends. 🙂

Whether or not Eva Cassidy is your style, there’s no question that this record, The Best of Eva Cassidy (Blix Street Records) is incredibly well-recorded. My favorite cut on this double LP is on side 4, the final cut, Tall Trees in Georgia. It’s a sad song – emotions run high. That’s the point on this track, and I love it. Others I like include Danny Boy, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Imagine… actually, I like most of the music.

Eva Cassidy isn’t Buddy Holly. She’s not John Lennon. I’m fairly certain she’s aware of that fact. 🙂 These are interpretations of some well-known cuts, and if you’re up for something different, I highly recommend this LP.

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