PBD V Turntable Review

The July/August issue of The Absolute Sound includes a review of the Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable by TAS Executive Editor Jonathan Valin.  He identifies four areas in which the PBD V turntable excels and beats the competition.  First, “consistency of sound” which he attributes to “the Walker’s linear-tracking air-bearing tonearm which…has zero tracking error.”  Second, “resolution is extraordinary”…a simply phenomenal amount of new information.  Third, “dynamic range is phenomenal”…”with tremendous speed and snap on transients and power and impact”.   Valin says, “The result is…bass with more or less equal power and clarity all the way down to the bottom”…”you feel it…with the sensation of reverberant air …hitting you in the chest.”  Fourth, “supremely transparent to sources.”

“The Walker Black Diamond Mk V…comes a whole lot closer to sounding like tape than any other source, analog or digital, I’ve yet heard thanks to its consistency in playback, sensational low-level resolution, and phenomenal dynamic range (and bass power and clarity)…the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond Mk V come closer to the absolute sound (on the right LPs) than any other source component I’ve yet heard.  It is truly – and very close to literally – reference-quality and gets my highest, warmest and most enthusiastic recommendation (as befits a genuine classic)…you owe it to yourself to audition this fantastic record-player before buying anything else.”

Thanks to Jonathan Valin and the entire staff of TAS for this review!

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