PFO/AV Showrooms Comments

Our thanks to Pete Davey of Positive Feedback Online and Peter Breuninger of AV Showrooms for taking the time to visit our room and for the following;

Pete Davey on Positive Feedback Online said, “…Lloyd Walker ‘Black Diamond’ top of the line turntable. Amazing dynamics in this room!”  He also said, “…the resolution and precision of the overall sound was stunning…Lou Reed’s Transformer the sound was amazing, but Lou sounded like he was three feet tall…Lloyd made a very minor adjustment to the VTA (very easy to do on his tonearm) and then suddenly Lou has grown to a good six foot tall…Yes, really.”

AV Showrooms honored Walker Audio with a Gold Show award for Best Sound! We were one of only four rooms selected for this award and that puts us in some very impressive company!

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