Prelude Beats Ultrasonic Disc-washing Machines

Prelude LP cleaning system from Walker Audio

“Supreme….no other automatic disc-washing machine, conventional or ultrasonic, can achieve the same astounding results.”, says J. Valin, executive editor.  He also says, “the Prelude system really does reveal more details that have gone unheard beneath layers of dust and wear than the competition.”

One of 35 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio

TAS2014BuyersGuideSpringWe are totally committed to the idea of cleaning and treating your source material before play to ensure you start with the purest, most accurate signal possible.  Use all four steps the first time you clean the record.  Thereafter, you need only to rinse the record with the High Resolution Rinse, if it gets dusty or dirty.

Regardless of what else you used in the past to clean records, Prelude will surprise you with the level of details that you’ve never heard before…even on your favorite LPs.


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