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The Procession phono amp is a truly amazing component – at an incredibly affordable price.  It out-performs phono amps costing 3 and 4+ times more and has earned its spot in our Proscenium Black Diamond V reference system!
A two-piece component for use with moving coil cartridges, the Procession features dual mono continuous linear cartridge loading, 0 to 2.5k, making this the easiest-to-use phono amp ever.

Most adjustable loading phono amps only allow large fixed incremental adjustments such as 100, 300, 500 or 1000 ohms.  These are all compromises and not the absolute best setting for any cartridge or system.  The best setting will be somewhere in-between.

The new Procession Phono Amplifier has continuous variable cartridge loading that can be adjusted during play and can be set anywhere between 0 and 2.5k ohms while you are listening. When you find the right setting, there will be magic.

Adjustable To Suit Your Musical Preference
Very rarely (almost never) are cartridges perfectly balanced in both channels. And even if a cartridge is perfect, the room acoustics can throw off the perceived balance.  If your channel balance is off a little, you can experiment by increasing the loading in one channel to correct for the imbalance. Try changing the setting on one channel 10 to 30 ohms and listen.  A small change to the balance which may be just enough to make a difference.

You can also adjust for less-than-perfectly recorded LPs. If an LP is bright-sounding, you can lower the dials a little for a more laid-back sound.  At lower settings, the sound relaxes and the sound stage becomes deeper with a more natural sound.

Or, if you are in a more laid-back mood, you can adjust the loading settings a bit.  Lowering each dial as little as 10 to 20 ohms will mellow out the sound.  If you want more excitement, increase the load setting.

The Procession Phono Amplifier is the easiest phono amp to set up and adjust for the best sound and your musical preference.  It performs well beyond what we could have imagined and we have already replaced phono amps costing up to $35K.

The Procession is great choice for your next phono amp. Contact us for purchase or additional information.

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