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Prologue Equipment Rack:  $15,000.00– includes Top Platform

Top Platform:  $4,500.00 – sits on your equipment rack

Amp Stands
Standard: $2,500.00
Reference $3,000.00
Optional Four Valid Points Discs: $200.00

The Standard Amp Stand comes with four 2-inch Valid Points cones with threaded rods used as feet for the amp stand and one 1-inch Valid Points resonance control disc to use in the center of the amp stand under your amp. Jatoba shipping weight: approx. 68 pounds    Maple shipping weight: approx. 58 pounds

The Reference version adds a Valid Points Resonance Control kit (3 cones, five discs) for use on your amp for even more resonance control and performance. Shipping weight for the Valid Points Control kit is approximately 10 pounds.

If you have wood floors, you will want to get the optional four half-inch discs.  These go under the resonance control cones that are the “feet” for the amp stand and prevent your wood floors from being scratched.   If you have carpet, the extra discs are not needed.

Prologue Equipment Rack, Top Platform and Amp Stands are available in jatoba and rock maple.
Prices are in U.S. Dollars and do not include shipping.


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“Love the stand. It provides the “umph” I was looking for…An amazing thing happened since the stand went in. Usually, I read a book or a magazine when I play records. Due to the extraordinary (for my modest system) sound coming out of the speakers in the last week, I have been “forced” to just sit and listen, staring at my speakers and not believing what I am hearing… it is stunning..so far you are batting 1000 with what I have bought. I look forward to being a customer for a long time.” – JB, customer

“Sweet.  The background immediately becomes quieter and darker. The bass goes down much lower and tight. Vocal sounds even more sweet and clear.  Keep up the good work!” – AK, customer