Proscenium BD III Upgrade Review

Customers and reviewers alike are thrilled with the new Proscenium Black Diamond III upgrade that features a new isolated air supply for the undertable chambers and suspension pods – with precision regulator, gauge and check valve and new air pod configuration and coupling discs to maximize isolation, rigidity and resonance control.

“…like a review of an  exotic car, fine wine or an elegant Patek Philippe watch, there’s excitement to  read about something that truly is a triumph of design and execution in an  otherwise mass-produced world…Walker’s  upgrade has taken every positive characteristic of the table and improved it  significantly. Walker has somehow extracted more information and detail from  the records while never straying into an analytical hifi sound. The soundstage  is larger and more seamless with an even deeper more defined low end. Walker  has taken this state-of-the art table to a new level.  There is only one word to  describe the new Proscenium III – stunning!”                           

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