Proscenium Black Diamond V                                 $110,000 USD

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Awards (includes Gold Signature, Black Diamond & Black Diamond II, III and V awards)

The Absolute Sound 

      • Turntable Of The Year 2002, 2006, 2010, 2013
      • Ten Most Significant Turntables of All Time List
      • 100 Most Significant Components List
      • Editor’s Choice Award 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
      • Golden Ear Award 2002, 2003, 2012, 2013
      • Buyer’s Guide Recommended Components 2003- 2014


Positive Feedback Online 

      • Brutus Award 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012
      • Online Oasis Award 2010, 2014


Customer Comments

“One of the few reasons I consider myself truly blessed is the fact that I have a Walker Black Diamond V table and tone arm. Fitted out with a high-end Koetsu and dialed in by the man himself, it is by far the best source component (not including analog tape) I have ever experienced. Having lived with the table for a few years now, it is also wonderful that like any precision instrument, slight improvements are easy to hear, and Lloyd’s steady stream of low cost tweaks to further trick out the table is the gift that goes on giving. Not that you really need them. I have yet to hear my original table bested by another source. If I can’t have this in heaven, I’m not going.”   Atul K. Summit, NJ



“…I get to listen to a lot of audio gear including turntables. It is my considered view that the Walker is, by far, the best audio source component that I have heard.  The soundstage is breathtaking. Unbounded on all three axes, particularly stage depth. The attach and decay of every note, perfect…There is nothing in my system that gives me more joy than the Walker Turntable.”  AK




“I never, ever have listened to a sound like that! It is absolutely awesome, in every sense and aspect of the LP reproduction. Open, detailed, with a huge soundstage, dramatic bass lines, in a word FANTASTIC!” LZ




“Every time I decided to write (to you), I started the turntable and then I was not able to write anymore because I wanted to hear much more music.  It always lasted until deep in the night. So what can I say, this is the best front end I have ever heard… There is less grain, more musicality, much more dynamics and inner detail, much more depth and more stability and “silence” in the music than in every other player I have heard. Not to speak about the different kinds of music. If it is hard, if it is smooth, it is…you know what I mean… The Proscenium also can play terrific fast when (it) should, but (it) also plays music slow and intimate and with emotion when this is necessary…  I am sure you can see it was the right decision. It (is) FFFUUUUNNN to hear.” SV, Austria


“I just want to congratulate you for the Proscenium II to III upgrade…after listening to the new sound that has appeared now I think it is the most inexpensive investment I have made in high-fidelity in my life. What a difference! The listening experience is now most relaxed and peaceful I have ever heard. The emotional communication is breathtaking, providing excellent nutrition for the soul. Air, tempo, silence, coherence, textures…everything is improved.”  IC, Spain



“I have owned a Walker table for five years now…Each upgrade has had a profound effect on the sound, but the latest upgrade (to Black Diamond III) has clearly been the most impressive! …Imaging has become more holographic, detail resolution another order of magnitude increased, and transient response vastly increased and sharpened in focus. The individual voices of background and chorale singers is even more pinpoint, orchestral instruments likewise, and it seems the entire soundstage has take giant steps forward, backward and to either side. Audience noise has a presence that is scary-real on live recordings and the entire musical experience has taken a huge step closer to reality. Believe me….(you) could not make a better purchase if the reproduction of music in the home is important to you!” JS, Maryland




“The (mark) III upgrade is simply phenomenal!” VD, Bulgaria




“…by far the most resolving reproduction of vinyl I have ever had the opportunity to hear. I find the performers are often in the room with us. Timbre is spot on, dynamics are breathtaking and most importantly environmental cues of recording venues are audibly within reach.” Mrfornda



Reviews & Editorial Comments

TAS2014BuyersGuideSpringThe Absolute Sound
2014 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide

“…with Walker’s new, improved, diamond-crystal-enhanced tonearm, revised multi-vented air-bearing, substantially-improved air-bearing feet, more effective clamp and damping fluid and phenomenal new pump (which no longer needs regular maintenance and is remote-controllable, to boot) the best phonograph JV has tested has taken a significant leap forward in overall sonic quality and ease of use…If you are looking for the finest in LP playback, look no further.”



The Absolute Sound July/August 2013

Review of Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable

“The Walker Black Diamond Mk V…comes a whole lot closer to sounding like tape than any other source, analog or digital, I’ve yet heard thanks to its consistency in playback, sensational low-level resolution, and phenomenal dynamic range (and bass power and clarity)…the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond Mk V come closer to the absolute sound (on the right LPs) than any other source component I’ve yet heard.  It is truly – and very close to literally – reference-quality and gets my highest, warmest and most enthusiastic recommendation (as befits a genuine classic)…you owe it to yourself to audition this fantastic record-player before buying anything else.”  J. Valin, Executive Editor


2012BrutusPFOPositive Feedback Online January/February 2013

“Lloyd Walker never sleeps. Our winner of a  “Gizmo Award for Life”is at it again…The combination of these two upgrades advances the state-of-the-Walker-art once more, and keeps the world-class edge that the Walker Audio turntable has maintained for many years now…It’s brought me years of delight with my LPs…I love it!” D. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief


The Absolute Sound  October 2012 Review

“…the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond Mk III – the latest and (by a considerable margin) the greatest version of Lloyd Walker and Fred Law’s terrific air-bearing turntable…making the highest-resolution LP playback device I’d heard in my home even higher in resolution…exceedingly low harmonic distortion and superior channel separation…While everything else in a system can carry you millimeters away from the next step, it takes the push of a great source component to get you ‘over the top’.  And that is what the Walker Black Diamond Mk III is – a great source component, perhaps the single greatest (not counting analog reel-to-reel tape players) I’ve yet heard…the roses belong solely to the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond Mk III… the latest, greatest Walker is the once and future king of record players.  Naturally, it gets my highest and heartiest recommendation.”


The Absolute Sound April/May 2010 Cover and Review

  …the Walker’s excellence isn’t just at matter of the precision, durability, intuitive simplicity of use, and repeatability of settings…This is a record player that exemplifies a certain take on the reproduction of music via LPs – what might be called the ‘transparency-to–the mastering-lathe’ approach.”

“The Walker’s soundstaging and imaging have always been nonpareil…the Proscenium has not been equaled by any other ‘table/arm I’ve had…”

“The latest Walker has taken the lead in low-level detail, dynamics and transparency…”

“The Walker has been my analog-source reference ever since I started writing for TAS again…it will remain my reference for the foreseeable future. I cannot recommend it highly enough. For LP lovers, for devotees of the absolute sound, it is the very stuff that dreams are made of.”

– J. Valin, Exec. Editor  April/May 2010 


 The Absolute Sound Buyer’s Guide 2009

For a decade-and-a-half, Lloyd Walker and his partner Fred Law have been building and improving the best turntable that (in JV’s opinion) money can buy… a work of audio art that not only looks fantastic but sounds fantastic too. There simply isn’t an area of weakness in the Walker’s sonic portfolio; it does it all – timbre, texture, dynamics, bass, resolution, soundstaging, imaging, air, bloom, transparency to source, you name it – better than anything else, analog or digital…the Walker Black Diamond is one of the small handful of products that you will never hanker to “upgrade”, because (unless Walker and Law come up with something new) there is currently nothing better to upgrade to.”





March/April 2009   A Perfect Platter – “…vinyl…is hot again…the Proscenium Black Diamond turntable…. (is) a work of industrial art…”






Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Walker Audio’s founder Lloyd Walker was quoted in the New York Times in an article titled “You Say You Want a Revolution (At 33 1/3) about music lovers rediscovering the joys of vinyl. As a counterpoint to information about lower end turntables, Lloyd was interviewed about our turntable and high-end turntables in general, he says, “Our turntable (is) far from being the most expensive,” said Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio in Audubon, Pa., who handcrafts the company’s Proscenium Black Diamond turntable. They go up to a quarter of a million.” The article continues:  Mr. Walker said, “you get 250 pounds of turntable with a platter and tone arm that float on a nearly frictionless cushion of air.” And Mr. Walker comes to your listening room to tweak every setting for optimum performance. “Setup is extremely important,” he said. Click here to see the entire article.



Positive Feedback Black Diamond Photo Essay:

See videocast of Lloyd Walker commenting on Proscenium turntable in PFO Issue 38 Windows Media Player
Hi-Res   Lo-Res


Twelve Analog Components That Shook the Audio World

The Absolute Sound June/July 2007

“Over the years I’ve been privileged to hear any number of great record players, but none better than the Walker Black Diamond. Designed (with infinite patience) as a system, using principles that are well-established and parts that have been tested and re-tested (right down to the screws and nuts), it is a contemporary masterpiece that isn’t so much an influence on other designs as it is a culmination of other design influence.”  J. Valin, Executive Editor, TAS


Analog Shootout Review by Jonathan Valin

The Absolute Sound December 2006
Kuzma vs Walker: The Title Bout in Analog Playback


“…the final call isn’t that close… not something you need ‘golden ears’ to hear… (With the Walker) The space between the violin and piano… grows much larger, the stage ‘walls’ seem to move considerably farther back and farther apart and the instruments themselves sound bigger, as if some of that same air has been pumped into them, blowing them up and filling them out more fully in three dimensions. As a result, you suddenly realize that this is a live recording, made in front of a real audience in a real space… Then there are the changes in the timbres and dynamics of the instruments….The Kuzma’s slight overall darkness vanishes, replaced by (the Walker’s) neutrality that simply sound ‘right’… its fundamentals and overtones are considerably more realistic…it has more of the color, authority and solidity of an actual grand piano from bottom to top…

…through the Walker both instruments sound less like superb two-dimensional reproductions, and more like living, breathing, three-dimensional semblances of the real things…

What the Walker’s bloom, space, size, air, neutrality, solidity, dimensionality and dynamic authority buy you, musically, in Quasi una sonata, is not just more lifelike timbers, but a keener sense of how each instrument’s timbre both separates it from and, on occasion, joins it to the other instruments…

Most of all, what you get with the Walker – and what sets it apart from any other source component I’ve auditioned – is a “fool-you” sense that you’re hearing actual instruments there in the room with you…the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond comes closer to sounding “real” more often then any other source I’ve heard in my system. (Just for the record, the Kuzma comes in second.)…

…if the “gestalt” of a live concert or recital – the lifelike presence of instruments, their colors, their dynamics, and the space they play in – in what fidelity means (and I believe that it is), then the Walker wins handily…

…it is fuller and more realistic in tone color; bigger, bloomier, airier, and more three-dimensional in imaging; wider, deeper, more layered in soundstaging; and a bit more authoritative dynamically. If the Kuzma gets the small parts closer to right, the Walker gets the wholes closer to right…

…if you have the dough, are married to LPs and are into symphonic or folk or chamber or jazz you simply can’t find a better source component for any amount of money. Sonically, the Kuzma may come a bit closer to the best hi-fi, but the Walker comes closer to the absolute sound.”