Proscenium Turntable On Top 100 Product List

We have some exciting news! Last year, The Absolute Sound (TAS) named the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond turntable to its list of the Ten Most Significant Turntables of All Time. Now TAS honors the Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable with a spot on the Top 100 products list that recognizes the most praiseworthy products brought to market during the past 40 years. It’s high praise indeed!

“Outstanding linear-tracking air-bearing phonograph – perhaps the highest-fidelity record player currently on the market,” according to TAS. See page 57 of the current July/August issue.

Getting great music from the source – whether it is analog or digital – to the ears and souls of people who love it is what we are passionate about. We’re delighted by the recognition from TAS and grateful for the support of our many loyal customers.

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