Record Clamp for all Turntables

To our surprise, we found that our new PBDIII record clamp improves the sound of all the other turntables we tried it on so we are making it available as a stand-alone product.

The record clamp keeps the VTA and tracking force relationship constant across the record. Also, vibrations of the platter and record are channeled up through the spindle and controlled by the clamp. The only requirement is that your spindle must extend past the record approximately 3/16 to ¼ inch for the record clamp to grip the spindle. Expect to hear improved dynamics, soundstaging, focus and transparency.  View Product

Customer Comment:
Wow! What a difference…As I adjusted the volume and let it warm up, I realized that all of the electronic haze had gone away…Familiar records are stunningly quiet. Low level details were there that we never heard before, and Holly Cole leapt out of the background as if we were suddenly watching a 3D movie.  Very impressive!”  SC