Walker Reference Products

Introducing the Proscenium Black Diamond V

The Proscenium Black Diamond turntable – and all our products – are created for the absolute best performance possible. Each Walker Audio product is designed and hand built by us to exacting standards. We spare no expense or effort to produce our world-class products. We also represent Silent Source cables which we believe to be the finest cables in the world at any price.

If you love music, you owe it to yourself to hear this turntable and our other reference products. Contact us for more information, or to schedule an appointment.


Walker Proscenium Black Diamond V

“For LP lovers, for devotees of the absolute sound, it is the very stuff that dreams are made of.”

– J. Valin, Exec. Editor, The Absolute Sound




Walker Reference Phono Amplifier

“a marvel of take-it-to-the-edge audio craftsmanship… In conjunction with the new Black Diamond turntable, the result is a sonic tsunami…”

–  D. Robinson, Positive Feedback Online




Velocitor Power Line Enhancer

“There is an unbelievable sense of air, transparency and delicacy. There is new detail I never heard before. Simply amazing!”

– Customer Comment




Prologue Equipment Rack & Amp Stands

“…absolutely indispensable… The sonic qualities that set (them) apart are the detail, quickness and sense of spaciousness that they impart to components placed on them…”

– Positive Feedback Online




Silent Source Cables

“… a wide and deep soundstage…more precise and the images more delineated. The bass… was deep, rich and full…extraordinarily musical, coherent and neutral….If you’re looking for the best, you must try them. Highly recommended.”

– Mike Malinowski, 6Moons.com