Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals


NEW PRICING!! We’ve been discovering the benefits of our Black Diamond crystal technology for several years now and learning more about their AMAZING properties.  Based on our extensive and meticulous research, we now offer you two complementary, but different, products – Black Diamond Component Crystals and Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals.

When properly applied, the Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals actually manipulate the way sound behaves in your space, with phenomenal results. You can expect dramatically improved focus and a greater sense of realism and dimension in the soundstage as the walls and ceiling seem to open up. No longer will your sound be “electronic”, but it will have a presence and excitement of a live performance.


Product Description

Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals utilize specifically-calibrated crystals inside brass shielding cups to strategically address the negative effects of EMI and RFI in your listening area.

Easy-to-follow instructions get you started with recommended placements. You’ll be astonished at the effect the BD Room Treatment crystals have on your walls and at your windows which are a path of least resistance for electronic noise of all kinds into your home and listening space. With proper placement, you can cancel unwanted sound reflections bouncing off your walls and ceiling that muddy and distort the sound.

Not convinced yet? Check out the customer reviews and take comfort in our money-back guarantee. We’re thrilled to offer something so easy to use and relatively affordable that adds so much enjoyment to your listening experience.

“It is truly amazing what those little buggers can do!  Honestly, they breathe new life into my music listening.”  PB, customer email

“I have never experienced such a dramatic difference by room treatments before…there seems to be a kettle drum on one of the cuts off of Dead Can Dance. That kettle drum was not there when Lloyd arrived.  Unreal.”  ES, customer email

The results? Phenomenal. Deeper soundstage, huge dynamics, and that “being there” feeling we all look for from a great system – the Black Diamond Room Treatment Crystals can offer these stunning results.

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  1. Here we go again sports fans
    This is another of Lloyds “THIS CAN NOT POSSIBLY BE HAPPENING” tweaks! Someone PLEASE tell me why these little things make any difference at all, let alone the profound and dramatic improvements that they quite obviously do.
    These will improve your system weather analog of digital, “State of The Art” or “entry level” [hell Bose wave radio]. The sound stage will open to room filling dimensions, bass more articulate and deeper, and there is now a “presence” to the sound that is quite remarkable.
    I can’t see how you could go wrong or get a better improvement for any amount of money!

  2. I received it (the Black Diamond Room Treatment Kit) yesterday and played with it for a couple of hours. IT IS AMAZING WHAT THOSE LITTLE BUGGERS CAN DO! Honestly, they breath new life into my music listening. Paul, customer email

  3. I had the pleasure of having Lloyd Walker over to my house to install his motor drive for my turntable. We took the opportunity to play around with my system. I have all Spectral gear and the system sounds great.

    We listened to several reference LPs to include Dead Can Dance. I asked Lloyd what he was doing with my SME arm and he said he was putting two Black Diamond Cartridge Crystals onto the shell head.

    We listened again and the difference blew me away. The sound stage opened and went deeper than I ever experienced. I could not believe that placing two black diamonds on the shell head would make such a dramatic difference. Especially noted was the bass response. Before the diamonds, the bass was present but you did not really feel it. After installation of the diamonds the bass hit me in the stomach. The richness and definition was evident.

    I said to Lloyd thank you and this is the best sound we could ever get from my system. He then said to me wait. He then proceeded to put Black Diamond Crystal Room Treatments in strategic locations around my listening room. These directional crystals do something with RF and treats the room.

    While a bit skeptical I should have known better. My listening room became another component. The entire sound stage opened up both behind the speakers and the listening area. This was an amazing experience and I could not believe the measurable enhancement to my entire system was improved. The entire piece of music was smooth and the room was in perfect sync with the music. I have never experienced such a dramatic difference by room treatments before. To top that there seems to be a kettle drum on one of the cuts off of Dead Can Dance. That Kettle drum was not there when Lloyd arrived. Unreal.

    I needed to ask Lloyd to leave before I had a breakdown. I would recommend these treatments for any system at any price. These products just reinforce the brilliance of Lloyd and why he has built the most highly recommended turntable in the world. The industry needs more Lloyd Walkers who dedicate their lives inventing new technologies that we as listeners all benefit from. ES-customer email

  4. When I started experimenting with the crystals, my systems was sounding the best that ever had. Without going into detail about the process of placing the crystals (which took some time but was a reasonable process, especially given the guidance that you provided), the end result was way beyond anything that I ever expected. The soundstage is wider, deeper and truly life-size, whether the recording is a single performer, a jazz trio, or a symphony orchestra. The clarity and the overall sound is remarkably improved. The music is alive and real in ways I would have never imagined it could be. What is really jaw dropping is playing a familiar recording that you have not played for sometime and hearing it as never before. Thanks for your R&D to make the crystals.
    Michael L., customer email

  5. After i got 4 stones more(now totaly 12) i was impressed that there were even a bigger soundstage hidden which not seems to be there before ! Everything got deeper and aslo wider.Things also feels more relaxed. and the transperency is better.

    Again, thanks to you Lloyd and your company for being honest and selling products that works !

  6. I don’t know if you remember that I asked if I could be allowed to get a refund on a set of 8 crystals if I didn’t like them?? Well you can forget about that! I’ll take another set, please! CK, California, customer email

  7. Each new application of these crystals has led to a substantial improvement in the sound in my room. The improvements are in every area that one could hope for improvement: sound stage size and depth, clarity, etc. You name it. ML, New York, customer email

  8. I am blown away by the crystals. I’ve spent countless hours deep into the night playing around. Every time I think I’ve seen the most they can do, I make another adjustment and everything changes. It is really neat to play with sound stage, dimension and tone of instruments. Chad L., Allentown, PA, customer email (Using both the Room Treatment and Component Crystals.)

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