Eliminator Directional Antennae


Eliminators with RCAs for Preamps and Line Stages
Our latest innovation, the Eliminator with RCAs, is a pair of high-speed directional antennae for your preamp or line stage. This version of our very popular Eliminator (for amplifiers and turntables) is the easiest, most effective product yet!


Don’t buy into the notion that complicated and expensive grounding schemes are necessary. Eliminators are super easy to install and will make a huge improvement in your sound.


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Don’t let this deceptively simple product fool you.  And don’t buy into the notion that complicated and expensive grounding schemes are necessary.  The Eliminator picks up EMI, RFI and stray ambient electrical noise near your system and prevents them from affecting the music signal.  With the Eliminator, instruments and vocals will be better focused; the sound stage will be deeper and more refined. Harmonics will be cleaner and sweeter sounding, with stronger bass that has more impact. We recommend a full complement of Eliminators – at your amplifier, preamp and turntable (if you have one) for maximum results.


One customer said, “You are a genius…. the (wires) in my amp have really improved the soundstage. Unreal… …noticed it pretty fast. The best tweak I ever bought for (the price). Bass more responsive.” ES  Click on the Reviews tab to see more customer comments.


For Preamps and Line Stages:
Our latest innovation, the Eliminator with RCAs is a pair of high speed directional antennae for your preamp or line stage. This version of our very popular Eliminator is the easiest, most effective product yet!  We’ve long considered this application of our Eliminator (we also offer the Eliminator for amplifiers and turntables with silver spades), but procrastinated for over a year and we’re sorry we didn’t do this sooner.  Everyone who has tried them is going crazy over them. “How can something so deceptively simple work so well,” they want to know.  The Eliminators with RCAs are super easy to install and will make a huge improvement in your sound


For Amplifiers:
The Eliminator-A is a pair of  high speed directional antennae for your amplifiers made of pure  silver wire with pure silver spades at one end of each wire. The spade ends go to the negative (- black) binding posts of your amplifier. The Eliminator wire has been tested for directionality and treated cryogenically with a deep immersion process.


For Turntables:
The Eliminator-T is one high speed directional antennae made of pure silver wire with pure silver spades at one end. The spade end goes to the ground post of your turntable Turntable owners can use the Eliminator on both your turntable and amplifiers at the same time to counteract the effect of ambient and system-generated noise on your system.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4.5 x .25 in
Eliminator Option

Eliminator-T (Single Eliminator for Turntable Usage), Eliminator-A (Pair of Eliminators for Power Amp Usage), Eliminator RCA (Pair of Eliminators for Preamp Usage)

4.67 out of 5

reviews for Eliminator Directional Antennae

  1. If I didn’t own a Talisman and HDLs I might have been skeptical of these silver wires but I have come to trust Walker’s research and development. The Eliminators seem to allow my system to relax yet provide extra detail. Music is a little more natural and engaging.

  2. You are a genius!…to my surprise there is a settling in period to drain the RFI from the system. It’s two days now and I don’t detect any radio stations… MH, customer email

  3. On a whim I decided to install the antennae on my Synergistic Research Tranquility Base ground connection that my Parasound JC-D phono preamp sits on. Now I’m hearing inner detail and musicality that was obscured before…this is one combo that knocks it out of the park!! KA, customer email

  4. I gave them a try and they have proved to be all you said they were. I am very happy with the increased detail and the sound stage has expanded exponentially…I am now playing and enjoying my cds that just did not sound that great before. Thanks for your creation… keep up the good work. DR, customer email

  5. I found that the sound is clearer, better defined with more articulation and more contrast on fine details…better soundstage…Openess is the real word for the new world offerred by this (product)… no artificial sweetness in the sound… a great product that is worth the money it costs. PP, email

  6. (verified owner)

    The Eliminators does work very well in my system. Everything sounds more relaxed and controlled.

  7. Adding the Eliminator Directional Antennae to the negative binding posts of the Viva Auroras mono blocks made an an unexpectedly pronounced improvement in the sound. Clarity and soundstage were improved and not by a small measure. Cleaning up emi/rfi interference remove significant sonic barriers. These things are great. Michael L., customer e-mail

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    So simple it’s funny
    So dramatic it’s frightening
    Another game changing product from the Lloyd Meister
    The word “improvement ” is a tragic understatement

  9. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Placing the Eliminators on my amp a McIntosh 402 and on my Groove phono stage has rendered great improvements in the sound. There is increased clarity and detail in the music and these things only have 12 hours on them. Some vocals and brass instruments sound a bit bright now than when they did prior to using them. Hopefully this will smooth out with additional break in time. Overall a great improvement in my systems sound !

  10. (Regarding the Eliminators with RCAs) The real shocking moment came when I put a CD in and I almost fell off the couch…The impact of the Eliminators with RCAs is truly remarkable. Another Walker Winner!! Michael L., New York

  11. Loving the eliminators on my tube amp now. I put them on the amp (dual mono design) and was blown away. Noise floor is vanishingly low for a ear up the superb tweeters in my Revel Ultima 2 Studio 2 speakers its almost dead silent.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Have already installed the eliminators on my amplifier and turntable. both have rendered a great sonic improvement. nothing short of amazing. I have recently installed the eliminators with Rca,s on my preamp and was presented with great improvements in the sound of my system. Vocals and harmonies are clearer with more detail. Drums and percussion sound more “real”. There is also a great improvement in brass and piano.These products are stunning!!

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