Quantum Fuses

Quantum Fuse 5mm x 20mm 250V SLO-BLO



Product Description

Quantum Fuses employ a custom alloy treated with 2,000,000 volts of electricity. They significantly outperform all other fuses we’ve tested, and are guaranteed to deliver a noticeable increase in sound staging, resolution and air thanks to a lower noise floor and blacker backgrounds.

When you get the fuses from us, we will share our tips and techniques for getting the best sound with them that includes prepping them and using our E-SST to treat the fuses…the combined effect is unbelievable.


Shipping of Quantum Fuses takes 10-14 days from date of purchase.
International customer? You could receive FREE SHIPPING of Quantum Fuses when you combine them with any other purchase! Simply Contact Us with your Order #, and we’ll refund the additional cost of shipping once payment has cleared!

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