Talisman Magnetic Optimizer


Magnetic fields and static electricity can greatly affect audio and video playback equipment and source material. The Talisman allows your phono cartridge or laser reader to transmit a purer, more accurate signal.

“Absolutely spectacular… A mind-bogglingly accurate representation of the music as it sounded when it was recorded.” Keith Jarrett, world-renown musician

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Magnetic fields and static electricity can greatly affect audio and video playback equipment and source material. The Talisman temporarily dissipates magnetic fields and static electricity allowing the phono cartridge or laser reader to transmit a purer, more accurate signal.  Use the Talisman to treat LPs, CDs, SACDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu Ray discs, as well as treating your audio and video cables in place!

Newest Application: Speaker Drivers
We recently began treating speakers with the Talisman with great results. Others are experiencing success too. One customer said, “Ever since you called we have been trying the Talisman on speakers, even a pair of Martin-Logan Spires on down to a pair of inexpensive bookshelves – works every time.”  Click on the Reviews tab to see more customer comments.

Distortion will be lowered and the sound will be more realistic. The soundstage will open up with improved depth and transparency. You will get more information without glare or harshness. Dynamics will improve and the harmonics will sound more natural. With video, you will get improved colors, focus and depth of image.

“I have had great success demagnetizing my speakers with your Talisman. Passing that “magic wand” over my speakers has breathed new life into my system. Keep up the admirable work. I only wish I could convince my friends …that your tweaks do, indeed, WORK.”  RAM, customer

The Talisman requires no batteries or power cords and never needs recharging



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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5.25 x 2.5 in


  1. I use the Talisman on every cable and speaker. You can feel the static dissipating from power cables. It does exactly what they say. Do each speaker twice just like they say. It’s my favorite upgrade of all time that I already owned! I just didn’t know I could use it on everything until recently. I have the exact equipment they make movies on at Skywalker Sound. If they don’t have a talisman there -then they are missing out!

  2. Talisman earns Hi-Fi Choice Five Star Recommendation. Feb. 2013 issue.

  3. Regarding the Talisman and Ultra Vivid: I was really surprised by what (these products) can do with the sound. It’s a gorgeous upgrade. PC, customer email

  4. The sound is less veiled, more immediate, some instruments are more laid bare. Ambient cues are more easily perceived and the global soundstage is more precise, better locations of instruments…takes only a minute. PP, customer email

  5. “…use it all the time, wonderful product…” JJ, customer email

  6. I am now using Talisman together with Ultra Vivid and am very pleased with the audio quality improvement – especially using CDs. I don’t understand (it)…but the result is impressive. Thanks! WN, customer email

  7. The Talisman Magnetic Optimizer is the most effective anti-static devise I have ever used. I use it on records and CDs to improve clarity and the overall presentation of the music. Additionally, I never play my system without using the Talisman on my speakers, cables and AC cords. The improvement in the sound of the system is wonderful. Michael L, customer email

  8. I have to say I am quite impressed with your Talisman Magnetic Optimizer. While at first a skeptic, I have tried it on LPs and CDs and it really works, opening up the recording space and the imaging of the players each time. I also tried it on a rental DVD and the image was definitely sharper…A pleasure doing business with you. Paul A. Tulsa, OK

  9. This email is long overdue. Just wanted to let you know how much I hate the Talisman. I can’t start a listening session without passing the Talisman over the tweeters at 3 different times. I can’t possibly listen to a compact disc without treating the compact disc and the compact disc player drawer. There are times when I’m just a little bit lazy and think I can get away without using it. No can do. Even when listening as background music I still must treat the system and compact disc. Amazing!…Thank you for developing a great product along with a great price. Tom H. Cary, NC, customer email

  10. I recently bought a Talisman…here in the U.K. and I am thrilled with the way it is “opening up” by CD’s. (And I am kicking myself for not buying it earlier!!) Simon M., U.K., customer email

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