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Vibrations interfere with the signal in any electronic system. Valid Points give back the leading edge transients, focus and impact of the music and picture. Get more enjoyment from your audio and video experience.

“…sensationally effective under most components, particularly when used with Walker Resonance Control discs…”
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Product Description

Detailed Instructions 

No system can sound its best until resonances are under control.  Materials commonly used to manufacture shelves and racks, such as marble, granite, glass and most metals, are used for cosmetic reasons and actually aggravate the vibration and resonance problems. Consequently, I’ve tried every kind of vibration control device I could obtain – aluminum, brass, wood, ceramics, compound applications of cones and absorption material. Some helped; some ruined the sound.

My quest for the ultimate sound led me to create Valid Points which are designed to provide isolation and to stabilize and control resonances of all components in an audio or video system. This includes analog, digital and video components, as well as speakers, shelves and stands. The improvement in the sound will be amazing. The sound stage will have greater width, depth, detail, bass, speed, extension, and focus.

“I just wanted to relay to you just how effective the resonance control discs are….the results are way more than I was expecting!…has dropped the noise floor of an already quiet system resulting in much improved bass solidity/definiiton/agility as well as a more solidified holographic soundstage.” ABB, customer   Click on the Reviews tab for more customer comments.

Critical Components
Resonance between components can be additive or subtractive. Therefore, it is necessary for the two most critical components to be treated first, at the same time.

Analog: The turntable (if possible) and pre-amp or phono amp and pre-amp
Digital: The transport or CD player and pre-amp
Video: The video player and processor

Amplifiers and remote power supplies are the next most critical components, followed by: D-to-A converters, active crossovers, shelves, racks and speakers.

Two Options
Standard Kit – three 2-inch cones with five resonance discs. Recommended for most components and speakers.

Super Tuning Kit – three 2-inch cones with five resonance control discs, plus four extra 1-inch control discs. The 1-inch discs can be used on top of all components, including speakers, shelves, racks and power supplies.

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5.00 out of 5

review for Valid Points Resonance Control

  1. Valid Points are really stunning decouplers. At the first place, I didn’t really believe in significant changing by stuff like this. But when I turned my amplifiers on, I didn’t believe my ears. The soundstage opened up and details came to life. Wonderful products.

  2. Excerpt from a customer email: “A friend of mine loaned me three sets of Stillpoints…and I wasn’t blown away….Yours (Valid Points) DID blow me away. Wow! I’ve never heard a “tweak” make such a vast improvement….” See our Homepage Newsfeed Valid Points vs Stillpoints for more.

  3. I would say that Valid Points (cones) on their own are only part of the story too and the correct positioning of either 1/2″ or 1″ resonance control discs on the top of equipment cases can (almost) double the listening enjoyment. After many hours of fine positioning, listening and note taking…I now know when the points and discs are in the sweet spot. Everything comes together with much more detail, clarity, speed, timing, more transient information and the whole musical presentation is so much more enjoyable, it’s worth taking plenty of time over to get it right!

    So many words have I used to tell you how I set up your resonance control devices, but in the end only one word is required to sum up the result……unbelievable!

    I have stopped using my existing Nordost TC Sort Cones because the Walker resonance control devices have impressed me so much…thanks for your superb products and excellent service!
    RH, customer email

  4. …it’s stunning how it’s changed the sound, it’s much better… MPT, customer email

  5. Like installing an improved cartrdge, I am hearing more music. There is an improved sense of texture and nuance, of strings and wood vibrating, a more quiet background, an improved soundstage. My system has never sounded this good after placing my turntable on Valid Points. Considering all that we do to gather together our componets, the Valid Points allow us to realize the true potential of our system. I am so happy with my purchase of Valid Points for my turntable. Lloyd is helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    These created a very significant change in my system.

    I bought a set – put them under my turntable – and my Phono Pre-Amp – then put on a very good classical recording – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart).

    I could really hear (for the very first time) the violinists bows being drawn across the strings. Bass is deeper – soundstage larger. Fine detail is enhanced at every level.

    I then put on Diana Krall Live in Paris – the piano sounded so vibrant, Ms Krall sounded like she was in the room.

    Astonishing improvement in my system.

    Now deploying Valid Points for all other parts of the system.

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