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The Absolute Sound 

    • Recommended Components 2003 (Power Cords)

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    • Brutus Award 2006, 2007 (Speaker Cables)


Customer Comments

“The (Silent Source) cables are absolutely amazing. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but they are and I couldn’t be more pleased with how my system sounds.” – PB

“The rest is history” “Before I met Lloyd and Fred my system was cabled with SW products. I then experiemented with OM. Then Lloyd had me try one Silent Source Reference power cord and as they say, the rest history. My entire system is now 100% (Silent Source) Music Reference. I couldn’t believe how significant an improvement and value these cables have proven to be…after hearing what I was missing, how could I not make the investment?” -DP

“The improvement was astronomical!” “Just fitted two Music Reference power cords to the motor drive and from the motor drive to the motor. We thought it should make a slight improvement to the sound. We were so wrong! The improvement was astronomical!” – VC

Reviews & Editorial Comments

Click here to see comprehensive review in 6moons.com May 2008 by Mike Malinowski

“…From my experience, you achieve the most realistic sound when the air clearly surrounds each instrument and simultaneously the entire musical event is held together from top to bottom with focus and coherence. Again The Music References excel, with an ease that allows the sound to just flow naturally. …While obviously cut from the same sonic cloth as the Signatures, they are a significant step forward in terms of musical detail and resolution. Also, the music just floats from a much darker, quieter and blacker background…

“Smooth and detailed.” The characterization is not a contradiction… The Music Reference is the best of both worlds. The effect is instantly obvious – silky elegance combined with resolution yields detail without the nasty side effects. It’s an instant reaction. You don’t have to struggle to hear minute differences. Silent Source gets the fundamentals right, a glorious midrange set in a correctly proportioned soundstage. The cables don’t hit you over the head with any single element of the music reproduction, just a wonderful consistency from top to bottom…

“I guess the first question on most people’s minds is the comparison to the Transparent Opus. Can a $5,995 cable be the giant killer? Drum roll please. The answer for my system with my components is yes. While both cables produce a wide and deep soundstage, The Music Reference did it with more cohesion. With the References, the sphere of music emanating from the speakers was more precise and the images more delineated. The bass from both was deep, rich and full with a touch more resolution from The Music Reference. The Music Reference is also a win in terms of transparency. 

“Listening to the Purist first showed that they are still capable of a decent, acceptable sound but as one would rationally expect, they were no match for The Music References. In a critical comparison, the soundstage was compressed to the space between the speakers and the References clearly brought more low-level info, life and sparkle to the sound.

“Then we have the middle sibling of the Silent Source line, the Silver Signatures… With the References the entire picture just snaps together… The differences are audible especially in a high resolution system where the Silver Signatures provide perhaps 80% of the sonic glory for 60% of the price. To be quite honest, I believe that the Silver Signatures would stand stiff competition with some of the top cables in the market today.


There are people who don’t view cables as components. With all due respect, they’re making a mistake. The improvement brought by the Silent Source speaker cable was not subtle. They are extraordinarily musical, coherent and neutral. While not inexpensive, they are certainly reasonably priced in a crazy market that can command megabucks for eight feet of cable. They blew away my expectations. If you are looking for the best, you must try them. Highly recommended.”