System-Enhancing Products  

Although best known for our award-winning Proscenium turntable, we make a variety of products to enhance the listening and viewing experience for customers with all levels of systems: analog, digital, audio or video.  Our goal is to surprise you with the level of detail that is hidden in audio and video recordings.


Far from accessories, these products are capable of coaxing the absolute highest level of performance from any AV component, at any level! Truly, you cannot imagine the impact these products can have until you try them for yourself.



Start with Cleaning and Treating Your Source: Essential for best sound!


NEW!! Black Diamond Record Clamp for All Turntables                        $1,750

To our surprise, we found that our new PBDIII record clamp improves the sound of all the other turntables we tried it on so we are making it available as a stand-alone product. Read more »




Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer                                                    $90

Makes CDs and DVDs more involving and realistic. Allows your player to read the information on the disc more accurately so you hear and see what is actually there… Read more »




Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System                                  $215

Brings your LPs to life. There is more music hidden there than you can imagine. Hear more of the music you love… Read more »





Talisman Magnetic Optimizer                                                    $275

Magnetic fields and static electricity can greatly affect audio and video playback equipment and source material. The Talisman allows your phono cartridge or laser reader to transmit a purer, more accurate signal… Read More »





Treat Your Connections: Maximize the signal transmission!


Extreme Super Silver Treatment                  $185

Improves the transmission of fine audio and video signals allowing information to pass undistorted across electrical connections. Like a major equipment upgrade in a jar… Read More »






Control Resonances: Vibration and resonance are the enemy!


Valid Points Resonance Control Kit                                    $450/$625

Vibrations interfere with the signal in any electronic system. Valid Points give back the leading edge transients, focus and impact of the music and picture.
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Eliminate Noise In The Signal Path and Optimize Your Speakers

Electronic noise is generated by your components and is present in environment. These products get rid of noise and distortion in the signal path and help your speakers sound their best. Harmonics will be cleaner and clearer. Dynamics faster and sharper without harshness.


Eliminator Directional Antennae                                         $145/$275

Don’t let this product fool you. It is deceptively simple in appearance and super easy to install, but will make a huge improvement in your sound. The Eliminator picks up ambient noises like EMI and RFI and eliminates them from the music signal.
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High Definition Links: Mark III & Reference Plus                $445/$725

Eliminates noise in the signal path. Gets rid of VHF and RFI. Expect cleaner and clearer harmonies, faster and sharper dynamics without harshness… Read more »




Walker Silver Jumpers for Bi-Wired Speakers                        $325

We have found that most speakers sound best with one good set of speaker cables. However, the jumpers supplied with bi-wireable speakers sound horrible. Our solid core cryogenically-treated jumpers make a huge improvement on any speaker… Read more »