T.H.E. Show Report

We recently returned from T.H.E. show where we were part of a great system that featured our Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable, Perfect8 The Force speakers and VAC electronics. You can see the turntable sitting on our Prologue equipment rack in the photo above.

A high point of the show came when a woman asked to hear a Jennifer Warnes LP. We were happy to oblige and played two LPs for her, Famous Blue Raincoat and The Well. Afterward, she told us she once worked for Jennifer Warnes and had been present at the making of both recordings. She has heard the albums on hundreds of systems, including the master tapes – but she had never heard them sound this good.  And, she said that she heard things on the recordings that she had never heard before!  Wow!

Of course, we are big believers in optimizing every aspect of a system.  So in addition to the main components, we used four Velocitor Power Line conditioners and our Reference High Definition Links on the speakers – yes, they improved even these superb $345K speakers.

The cables were a combination of Silent Source, Stealth and (get this…) Home Depot. Being in one of the large ballrooms, we needed extension cords to reach the wall outlets.  Sometimes you do what you’ve gotta do 🙂

All our LPs were cleaned with our Prelude record cleaning solutions and treated with the Talisman. E-SST Super Silver Treatment was used to improve the connections and we placed our new Black Diamond crystal room treatment strategically around the room.

In case you are wondering, we didn’t do all of this just because we were at a show. We believe every system needs this kind of attention to detail to sound its best.

Overall, we had a good show and paired up very well with Perfect8, so we are considering doing another show this year – either Newport or perhaps Rocky Mountain. Stay tuned for more on this as things develop. Hope to see you there!

Thank you and Happy Listening,

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