TAS Buyer’s Guide Reviews

Check out the Walker Audio products listed among the best of the best in The Absolute Sound’s Spring 2015 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide.

Page 210 Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond V
“…JV’s reference for the better part of a decade. If you’re looking for the finest in LP playback, look no further.”

Page 222 Walker Audio Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System
“…no automatic disc-washing machine, conventional or ultrasonic, can achieve quite the same astonishing results.”

Page 260 Walker Audio Silver Jumpers and Walker Audio Valid Points Resonance Control Kit
“…perfect for two-piece speakers systems that require a jumper…”

“…sensationally effective…”

What does it take to be repeatedly recognized for the effectiveness and performance of our products? Perhaps it is our commitment to quality. Or our unwavering truthfulness that is unsurpassed in the audiophile world. We think it stems from our passion for excellence in everything we do. We sincerely thank everyone at The Absolute Sound, and especially Jonathan Valin, for including these products in the Buyer’s Guide and we thank our many loyal customers for their ongoing support.

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