Turntable and Talisman Earn Awards

2012BrutusPFOWe are delighted to be recognized by Positive Feedback Online with a Brutus award for the upgrades made to the Proscenium Black Diamond III turntable in 2012.  David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of PFO, and longtime owner of the Proscenium turnable said in notifying us of the award, “Well done! I always enjoy the exceptional quality of your work, and this year was no exception. The turntable is sounding better than even now!  We compliment you on the quality of your award-winning products…as usual, you really help to set the world standard for the ultimate in turntables.”

In on the PFO web site, he wrote, “…these two new upgraded advance the state-of-the-art once more, and keeps the world-class edge that the Walker Audio Turntable system has maintained for many years now… It’s brought me years of delight with my LPs… I love it!”  The Proscenium turntable has been David’s reference table for many years when, after reviewing the table, he sold his Porsche in order to purchase it!

The PFO Brutus Award is given for significant contributions to the audio arts.  To see all of David’s comments, go to http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue65/brutus2.htm


2012HiFiChoiceTalismanAwardLogoAND….Talisman Magnetic Optimizer earns a Hi-Fi Choice Recommended Award.

From the February issue, NR writes, “…There were fairly consistent and reproducible improvements whe the (Talisman) Optimiser was used…greater clarity through the midrange, especially with the string section…With CDs, there was a noticeable improvement in lower noise floor.  After treatment, there seemed to be more information being conveyed with greater musicality…very definitely audible (differences) with both vinyl and CDs.  Recommended. FIVE STARS! (Click here to read the full review.)


Talisman DemoThe Talisman Magnetic Optimizer works on LPs, CDs, SACDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, Blu-ray discs and treats audio and video cables in place!  You can also treat your speaker drivers.


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