Valid Points vs Stillpoints

Valid Still Points

We don’t like to toot our own horn…we let others do it for us!

Here’s what one customer had to say about his experience comparing Valid Points to Stillpoints. “A friend of mine had loaned me three sets of Stillpoints, which he raved about, and although I wasn’t blown away, I thought that there was enough of an improvement on my CD player to to give yours (Valid Points) a try.  Yours DID blow me away. WOW!  I’ve never heard a “tweak’ that made such a vast improvement. I think the discs helped as much as the cones. Your set far outperformed three set of Stillpoints. It made music out of sound.  I suspect they would have amazing benefits even to budget components.  Mine are certainly not budget components, but I must have had some nasty cabinet resonances, especially in the CD player, that were perfect candidates for the points and discs.  I really would not have believed that a kit like this could have made such a susbstantial improvement. It was NOT subtle. ”  Barry B.

Thanks, Barry, for your comments.  We appreciate it when people take the time to tell us about their experiences with our products.  It is emails like yours that makes what we do worthwhile.


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