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Velocitor Power Line Enhancer (See pricing below)

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Six U.S. Outlets$3,895.00

Two U.S. Outlets$3,395.00

Six Schuko Outlets$4,195.00

Dedicated Stand (highly recommended): $500.00

Matching Tesla SE Wall Outlet$120.00

Matching Silent Source Power Cord:
For Front End and Lower Powered Amp: Signature $1,550.00  or Music Reference $2,985.00

For High Powered Amps: Signature  $1,790.00 or Music Reference $3,375.00

Prices are in U.S. Dollars and do not include shipping.


Awards (includes all versions)

The Absolute Sound 

      • Recommended Components 2003
      • Editor’s Choice Award 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Positive Feedback Online

      • Brutus Award 2005, 2007, 2009


      • Blue Moon Award 2003, 2005

The Perfect Vision 

      • Editor’s Choice 2004


Reviews & Editorial Comments

Stan Ricker, highly-regarded LP recording engineer, uses the Velocitor Power Line Enhancer in his mastering system. “The difference that the “Big V” makes in the quietness of my Mastering System is astounding! I have all my Digital Gear powered thru it, and the “Digital Black” is truly now “Digital Quiet”!!!… I can crank the Monitor Gain all the way up and hear NO NOISE AT ALL! ….AMAZING.”

 – Stan Ricker

Stan is well known for his keen hearing and attention to details that some others do not understand.  He has cut many highly regarded LPs for Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Crystal Clear, Telarc, Delos, Reference Recordings, Windham Hill, Stereophile, and roughly a dozen other labels, including recent work for Analogue Productions and AcousTech Mastering. He is currently the Owner/Engineer of SRM.

For more on Stan Ricker, go to:

Stan Ricker Mastering or EnjoyTheMusic Interview


Customer Comments

“I’m surprised at how good the Velocitor is! I have tried many different filters over the years. I was never happy…But Velocitor does everything right. It is so much better…There is a lot of information in the music I have not heard before. And the dynamics are also much better than before too. All of the music I play has changed, more musical and much more fun to listen to, even at low volume.  Velocitor SS is scary good!!”  MPT, Norway


“I purchased a Velocitor SS at the end of last year from you and couldn’t be more shocked and pleased at the improvement.  It completely transformed my system, allowing my components to ‘shine’. I feel like I’m finally realizing their potential.”  BB


“You would not believe…the detail…”


“…it’s worth noting that I had put the 2nd Velocitor’s platform on Walker Valid Points..  WHEN I REMOVED the Valid Points, the sound stage collapsed and I lost more than 50 percent of the sensed improvement.


I immediately put the Valid Points back, and everything is beautiful. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE how much more detail there is in the Ellington Indigos CD.  Whew!  Can almost hear the leather of Duke’s shoes tapping the floor under the piano…” TL


“…the best I’ve heard…”


“You said the upgrade from “S” to “SS” status would make a bigger difference…but I wasn’t prepared for the degree of improvement. The music is now smoother and yet more detailed, as if a scrim of haze has been removed without adding many extraneous coloration. I’m surprised the upgrade hasn’t received more attention in the press or on the internet.

Before, I thought the Velocitor was competitive with the best line conditioners I’ve heard/owned….Now I think your newest Velocitor is the best I’ve heard. …” C


“Simply amazing!”


“…to say that Velocitor is better (than the Hydra) is a gross understatement…Only after using Velocitor did I realize how much distortion was passed to my ears in the past. There is an unbelievable sense of air, transparency and delicacy. There is new detail I never heard before. Simply amazing!”SV


“…easily the best…”


“I’ve had the Walker Velocitor, Audio Magic Stealth and BPT 3.5 Signature in my system. The Velocitor was easily the best.” timmy t