Walker Nov. Newsletter (cont’d)

A word about one of the newest trends: ultrasonic cleaning – which is essentially vibrating the record, in a solution, at a high rate of speed to remove particles. One problem is that dirt is sticky and hangs on for dear life, and that’s not all…

If you used a similar process for washing your hands, you would vigorously shake your hands under water. Even if you were the Flash and could shake them really, really fast, there is an inherent flaw to the method – the dirt is still in the water.

When you remove your hands from the water, some water will cling to them and thus, so will some dirt. Since you are re-using the same dirty water over and over again, your results continue to diminish. Doesn’t seem like a great choice when you figure you’re looking at about $4000 for this privilege.

With Prelude, use all four steps the first time you clean your record to deep clean the grooves. The more information your stylus can track, the more detailed and lifelike the music will be.

After the first full cleaning, simply rinse if the record gets dusty. And, “the effort will be worth it, as no automatic disc-washing machine, conventional or ultrasonic, can achieve quite the same astounding results.” We didn’t say that, Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound did!  See more.

If you prefer to know what actual customers are saying about Prelude, check out the Reviews tab on the Prelude web page and then make your choice to Do It Better with Prelude.