Why Walker? The magic is in the details!


World Class Products

Our products enhance the listening and viewing experience for customers with all levels of systems: analog, digital or video. We specialize in high-end audio components and audio and video accessories. No expense or effort is spared to create the best products possible. We believe that not only is our turntable the finest in the world, but that our other products are also world-class.


Rave Reviews

And we are not the only ones who think so. In recent years, Walker Audio has received significant recognition by top reviewers in the industry, with more than 80 industry awards from TAS, PFO, Perfect Vision, 6Moons and others. Virtually every product has received an industry award. Our Proscenium Turntable has been the Turntable of the Year three times!


Happy Customers

What’s more, we consistently receive high praise from our customers. Our goal is to surprise our customer with the level of detail hidden in audio and video recordings. We want our customers to be excited every time they turn on their systems.


Our Philosophy

We continually search for and create new technologies, concepts and materials to give music the top priority. The result is nothing short of phenomenal. We employ a “minimalist” philosophy in that we do away with anything in the signal path that will color or affect the music. We want you to hear the music the way it was actually recorded.


A Word To New Audiophiles

Many of us who get into high end audio are originally attracted by the “bells and whistles” offered on most audio components. Features like equalizers, graphic displays and more choices of input/output formats and switches than you’ll ever need are ways that manufacturers try to set their products apart from the others. They have to do this because most of them source their parts from the same places and design their components according to conventional concepts suitable for the mass market. The result is they all sound pretty much alike.

We believe these features distract from the true purpose of music playback – accurate sound. To achieve the most accurate sound possible, we design our products using the least materials possible to carry the music signal. We select our parts to eliminate the skin and dielectric effects and we extensively test the parts we use for their sonic merit. We are always thrilled to introduce new audiophiles to sound they never thought was possible.


For Experienced Audiophiles

Do you still have the same excitement for your system and the music that you had when you first started in high-end audio? If not, why not try something new?

With 30+ years in high-end audio, both as a customer like you and as a designer and manufacturer, I’ve experimented with many products – record cleaners, line conditioners, room treatment, etc. Along the way, I discovered what works best and ways to improve the sound of any system. We will share with you what our products can do and our experience with other products, regardless of whether or not we carry them. You will be surprised to learn the effect that even simple changes can make to your sound. The magic is in the details.


“Always gorgeous in tone color, extraordinary in resolution, thunderous in dynamics and nonpareil in soundstaging, the Black Diamond Mk II takes a big step forward in top-to-bottom transient response, pianissimo-level dynamics, and transparency to sources.

If you’re looking for the best in LP playback, look no further.”

 – TAS Jan. 2011/Issue #209 p32