You Say The Nicest Things!

We love hearing from you, our customers. And we especially love getting comments like this one! Knowing that you get so much enjoyment from our turntable and other products is very gratifying and we deeply appreciate it when you take the time to tell us so.

Here is a recent comment we received via the web site:


“One of the few reasons I consider myself truly blessed is the fact that I have a Walker Black Diamond V table and tone arm. Fitted out with a high-end Koetsu and dialed in by the man himself, it is by far the best source component (not including analog tape) I have ever experienced. Having lived with the table for a few years now, it is also wonderful that like any precision instrument, slight improvements are easy to hear, and Lloyd’s steady stream of low cost tweaks to further trick out the table is the gift that goes on giving.

“Not that you really need them. I have yet to hear my original table bested by another source. If I can’t have this in heaven, I’m not going.

-Atul K. Summit, NJ


If you’d like to comment on your experience with Walker Audio and our products, it’s really easy. For our System-Enhancing Products, you can add a comment by clicking on the Review tab on any product page. For Reference products, look for the comments section at the bottom of the pages. Or, simply send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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